Courage Works

I believe we are moving into an age where people are ready to start stepping into the lives they are meant to live. We all have the power within us to create the life we want, the life we dream about, the life we are born to live. We all have limitless potential that is … Read More

Don’t Give Anyone the Power to Define You

I recently had a friend reach out to me because she is dealing with haters. Now, this friend happens to be wildly successful in her career and in her family life. Her life is far from perfect, but she is good at what she does, and life has rewarded her as such. (She even lives … Read More

And So It Begins

I made a commitment in December to write my first blog post. I’ve yearned to begin blogging for a long time—to share my thoughts, feelings, successes, failures, and experiences in an effort to inspire and connect with others, and to make meaning of my own life. My profession is based in education, but I didn’t … Read More