Female teacher in a classroom with young children

4 Ways Teachers Rock Their Profession

Educators Deserve Thanks—and Free PD Teachers rarely get the accolades, the appreciation, or even the respect they deserve. We at Strobel Ed want to change that. One way we’re doing that? The Strobel Summit—a FREE 6-session professional development webinar series. (You can register here now and read on to learn more about it!) There are … Read More

The Freedom to Find One’s Genius

Why Creativity in the Classroom is Vital to Learning I know being a teacher sometimes feels like a hopeless endeavor. With constant changes and unending expectations placed upon us, it takes perseverance and dedication to stay in this very sacred profession. But I believe even with all our challenges, educators still have the power to … Read More

Shifting Our Mindset Towards Positive

I’m a professional development consultant who works on-site with schools. I also host professional development workshops throughout the state, where I invite teachers from all schools to a central location to learn about a specific topic. I’m driven to support teachers in a time when they most need to be supported.

Implementing Genius Hour: Passion, Purpose, Play & Creativity

Recently, as you know I like to voluntarily spend time in classrooms working with students and teachers. Once a teacher always a teacher. It’s really important to me at Strobel Education to not lose the pulse of the classroom experience for our teachers and students. I think when a teacher leaves the classroom, goes on … Read More

Reimagining Education | Part Two

Pt. 2 I went on to explain that our school system has inadvertently only concentrated on a few skills to rate whether or not you can succeed at school.  But I believe there are many, many ways to be successful in life.  Is it important to learn to read well even if it doesn’t come … Read More

Reimagining Education | Part One

Pt. 1 Our teachers are charismatic, inspiring, and passionate about teaching our students, yet they sometimes feel limited by a system that doesn’t always play in favor of our students or our teachers. For the last century, the classroom experience, for most students, has revolved around lectures, note-taking, recall-based tests, and grades. For our teachers, … Read More

Overwhelmed & Awash in a Sea of Standards

Robert Marzano, a leading educator, and researcher analyzed the standards in the U. S. education system and determined that in order to cover them all, we would need to add 10 years to our current K-12 education system. He found that teachers have approximately 200 standards to cover each year. They have 5.6 hours of classroom … Read More

Building Strong Readers | Part Two

What does this mean for the classroom teacher?  How do you keep a balance of literacy instruction in your teaching? What might this look like? Firstly, every child should be reading a book of his/her own choosing independently.  This might include a reading continuum from easy to more challenging, depending on the students’ interest and … Read More

Building Strong Readers | Part One

The new standards call for kids to read books that ‘frustrate’ them? Is this a good idea? If so, how do we teach this? Best practices for teaching reading skills is ever evolving in the world of education. In 1967, a heavily phonetic approach instead of what was considered the “look-say” method of learning words … Read More