Public Education Needs a Revolution

What Can Teachers Do to Make the System Work for All Students? It’s time for our public education system to be reinvented. We currently have alarming rates of non-graduation from schools and colleges, and the levels of stress and depression among students and their teachers have skyrocketed. University degrees are falling in value, yet the … Read More

Reinventing the Classroom Experience

How to Overcome Politics & Limitations in Education Are you deeply concerned about education? I am. Education systems are being reformed across the county, but it seems in many cases, the changes are driven by political and commercial interests. By people that don’t understand how real students learn and how great schools actually work. There! … Read More

You and Your Students Are More Than This Test

Understanding—and embracing—what standardized tests don’t measure This is the time of the school year where I feel the most compassion for our educators and students, as they begin taking the series of tests that will be used to identify and classify them in the eyes of our current educational systems. I’ve watched countless students and … Read More

My Purpose

I am a teacher, and I always have been. As a little girl, I remember how much I loved working with children, helping and supporting them. I always felt energized by spending time with them. I then went on to earn my education degree, and taught elementary school for several years and became an administrator. You … Read More

Reimagining Education | Part Two

Pt. 2 I went on to explain that our school system has inadvertently only concentrated on a few skills to rate whether or not you can succeed at school.  But I believe there are many, many ways to be successful in life.  Is it important to learn to read well even if it doesn’t come … Read More

Reimagining Education | Part One

Pt. 1 Our teachers are charismatic, inspiring, and passionate about teaching our students, yet they sometimes feel limited by a system that doesn’t always play in favor of our students or our teachers. For the last century, the classroom experience, for most students, has revolved around lectures, note-taking, recall-based tests, and grades. For our teachers, … Read More

Overwhelmed & Awash in a Sea of Standards

Robert Marzano, a leading educator, and researcher analyzed the standards in the U. S. education system and determined that in order to cover them all, we would need to add 10 years to our current K-12 education system. He found that teachers have approximately 200 standards to cover each year. They have 5.6 hours of classroom … Read More