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Professional Development with a Difference

Kim Strobel is transforming education and helping teachers bring creativity, innovation, excitement, and achievement back into the classroom.

She’s an education consultant, well-versed in best-practice strategies. But she’s also a teacher, so she knows what it takes to implement real change—and that a lot of professional development fails to deliver. That’s why her workshops and other teacher training opportunities focus on reinvigorating teachers’ purpose and passion, empowering them to step back into their classrooms with confidence and courage.

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Growth Mindset

This workshop will help teachers learn how to develop a growth mindset and implement a growth mindset curriculum, which has been proven to lead to greater motivation levels and higher achievement, in their classrooms. You’ll leave with ready-to-go lessons that will help develop gritty, determined, self-reliant students who know that if they work hard enough they can and will accomplish great things.

Trauma-Informed Schools

Students entering the classroom with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues are often at a disadvantage and struggle to keep up with the demands of traditional learning. Brains affected by trauma require a different kind of instruction—and a special kind of care.

Standards-based Grading

Implement effective grading practices. Transform your school’s grading system into one that really shows what students know and can do. Your team will explore specific aspects of standards-based grading implementation, from identifying prioritized standards and creating proficiency scales to creating aligned high-quality assessments and revising report cards. Each step of the process is thoroughly explained.

Genius Hour

During genius hour, students of all levels are empowered to explore their own passions. This workshop will show you how to transform your classroom into a place where students are engaged and want to learn, where creativity and motivation flourish.

Virtual Events

Bring Kim Strobel’s passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for education right to your own office—it’s easy with virtual events. She will help you relearn your “why” and teach you how to shift your brain towards a positive mindset. These virtual events are easy to schedule and an investment your team will talk about for years to come.

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