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Growth Mindset
Free Lesson

Growth Mindset Free Lesson #1:

Boosting Motivation and Achievement 

This is module 1 of the full Growth Mindset on-demand course. You will learn about the fixed mindset versus the growth mindset and how we can begin teaching students to embrace “productive" struggle and the value of grit and determination in today’s world. 

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Growth Mindset

Boosting motivation and achievement in students, teachers, and across your campus.

Grit, Drive, Determination, & Effort

Supportive Grades & Testing

Growth Mindset Mini-Lessons

What's in the On-Demand Course?

  • Module 1 – The Fixed Mindset vs The Growth Mindset
  • Module 2 – Digging Deeper: Grit, Drive, Determination, and Effort
  • Module 3 – Productive Struggle and the Power of Yet
  • Module 4 – Self Esteem Movement, Supportive Grades, Mindsets and Testing
  • Module 5 – The Dangers of Praise and Negative Labels
  • Module 6 – Embracing Failure and Criticism
  • Module 7 – Specific Growth Mindset Mini-Lessons
  • Module 8 – More Growth Mindset Mini-Lessons
  • Module 9 - Growth Mindset Toolkit and Resources

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On-Demand Course Access

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Why Growth Mindset?

Teaching students how to “productively” struggle and the value of grit and determination is so important in today’s world. Growth Mindset shows you exactly how to do this.

This workshop will help teachers implement a growth mindset curriculum, which has been proven to lead to greater motivation levels and higher achievement for students, in their classrooms. Through experiential and interactive activities, you’ll learn strategies to increase your own growth mindset as an educator, as well as how to develop and integrate the growth mindset philosophy in the classroom.

Ready-Made Mini-Lessons

Digital Resource Bundle

Digital Resource Bundle

The Digital Resource Bundle includes everything you need to launch this topic with your students and in your schools. You don’t have to go around finding all the “stuff”. The curriculum is created for you—relevant mini-lessons, activities, videos, collaboration articles, and all necessary resources.

Course Curriculum

Online Course FAQ

What is Included?

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 5 hours of course material & video content
  • 5 professional development credits
  • Access for 9 months so your district can receive the content in smaller chunks.
  • Complete pre-made lesson plans
  • Fillable workbooks to follow along with comprehensive digital resource bundle

Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend?

  • K-12 English-Language Arts Teachers
  • K-12 Content-Area Teachers
  • Literacy coaches and coordinators
  • Title I teachers and directors
  • ELL teachers
  • Special education teachers
  • K-12 gifted and talented teachers
  • K-12 administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals, Curriculum Directors)

Download Course Flyer

Growth Mindset Flyer - Online Course from Strobel Education

What Will You Learn In This On-Demand Course?

  • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Establishing growth mindset beliefs
  • Strengthening the brain as a muscle
  • How students learn by doing, experiencing, and practicing
  • Encouraging growth from productive struggle
  • Skills are BUILT not born—they have to be earned
  • How our words influence the culture
  • + More!
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