Remote Coaching

Coaching Sessions for Educators

Your coach will meet with you and your team (virtually, of course!) to provide you with the crucial know-how on effective learning strategies.

Sessions are fully customized and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you struggle with challenging students, you need help with implementation, or you’re looking for inspiration, these coaching sessions will work for you.

How it Works

Customized, tailored support – Each remote coaching session is totally unique! Depending on your needs, your coach will customize each session with research-based content, real-life examples, interactive modeling, collaborative work, and Q&A.

Important standards – Strobel Ed is committed to staying up-to-date on national and state standards, including Common Core Standards (CCSS) and Indiana Academic Standards, and creating professional development that exceeds educational expectations.

Ongoing support – It’s important that your learning from these sessions are implemented correctly and thoroughly maintained. That’s why we are available to all teachers after their initial coaching sessions to answer questions and receive feedback!

How a Remote Coach can Support Teachers

Collaboration & Implementation

Our education consultants have years of teaching and consulting experience under their belts and are extremely well-versed in implementation. It’s easy to leave a full day training and be excited to implement, but we all know it’s sometimes difficult to implement on your own. Having a supportive hand guiding you along the way ensures accountability and gives you practical steps towards implementation. 


Remote coaching can be utilized by a single teacher or multiple teachers within an organization. Usually it’s best to keep a small group (1-6 educators) from the same school. These sessions are short, regularly scheduled coaching sessions where the coach will work to address your questions and offer real-life insight to help you. They will find solutions to your struggles.


All of Strobel Ed’s consultants are highly educated on national and state educational standards, and each training is created using only research-based concepts and practical strategies. You’ll get classroom techniques that work within the structure of the standards, while also providing opportunities to bring creativity and imagination back to the learning process. Our goal is to create a plan that gets you results.


From Reading to Writing, to Trauma-Informed Schools and Standards-Based Grading, our coaches have a wide breadth of knowledge and areas of expertise that will help you all of your professional development needs.

Get Started with Remote Coaching

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Your Coaches Kim Strobel & Dr. Kristie Ennis

Dr Kristie Ennis

I love that Kim gives ideas and then shows practical examples. I am able to leave my coaching session and implement in small, practical steps while feeling fully supported. I also loved leaving with a solid plan that included next steps.”
 – C. Dallinger, Elementary Teacher

Dr. Kristie Ennis provides practical, engaging solutions to common instructional planning challenges that also meet the requirements of our state and school district. She’s a true coach rather than a sage on the stage.”
– Andrew M., Murray State University, KY

Online Course FAQ

How long is each session?

How long is each session?
A typical coaching session with a Strobel Ed coach lasts about 15 and 30 minutes, depending on your needs. In your coaching session, your Strobel Ed consultant will help you engage in focused, productive conversations, as well as answer any questions your team has. Our consultants will also help you formulate a plan of next steps in order to implement your learning successfully. To create long-term results, school are encouraged to commit to a minimum of 8 hours of coaching per school year.

What support does Strobel Ed offer after a session?

After your coaching session, our consultant will provide your teachers, administrators, and key stakeholders with a written summary of the session. This will outline who attended the session, topics were discussed, and a list of next steps for teachers to take back to their classroom. Please feel free to reach out to your coach at any time after the session! Strobel Ed is here to help you and your success in the classroom, so we provide ongoing support to everyone who attends a coaching session.

What technology is needed?

You will need to set up a video conferencing system such as Zoom to participate fully in your coaching session. You’ll need a broadband internet connection, webcam, microphone, a large monitor or TV screen, and simple speakers.

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