Genius Hour


Genius Hour

Bringing Creativity and Innovation Back to the Classroom

Genius Hour is taking the education training world by storm! It is a movement that allows our students to explore their own passions and interests, and it encourages creativity in the classroom by providing students a choice in what they learn during a set period of the school day.

The Genius Hour concept is based on one of Google’s practices: they encourage that 80% of their employees’ work-week be spent researching, investigating, and exploring a topic or passion of personal interest, one that is not directly tied to their job description but in line with the mission of the company.

As a result, they’ve found that 80% of their best ideas come from that 20% of independent work.

Genius Hour empowers students to wonder, to explore, and to create; it is our job as educators to encourage critical thinking and inspire creativity—skills that are needed for the 21st century learner. It is no longer about compliantly sticking to a scheduled curriculum of memorization and recall.

Learners come alive in Genius Hour, motivation levels skyrocket, and students are completely engaged. The future belongs to creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers and meaning makers, artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, innovators, and big picture thinkers—and Genius Hour is where it can all begin.

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  • What is Genius Hour and why do our students need it?
  • Introducing Genius Hour to your students
  • Create procedures and processes that structure a successful Genius Hour
  • How to connect your standards and your curriculum to Genius Hour

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