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PD WEBINAR SERIES – July 7-26, 2019
7 FREE Sessions • 6 Pioneering Educators • Unlimited Possibilities


Kim has assembled an all-star lineup of educators who are Reimagining Education, ones who are making a real difference by making real changes in schools—and they’re sharing their expertise and experiences with you!This FREE seven-session series offers an amazing opportunity to learn from innovative educators who are moving beyond the basics. These teachers are leading the charge to bring creativity, individuality, achievement, and real understanding back to the classroom. You’ll hear their stories, learn their methods, and discover how to inspire positive change in your own students!


Participants may receive credit for one hour of professional development upon completion of each session.


  1. The Science of Happiness

    KIM STROBEL @strobeled
    In her role as a happiness coach, Kim has extensively studied and researched the topics of Happiness and Positive Psychology. And she’s found that when one’s personal happiness increases, he or she is able to effect positive change in education and business outcomes. She’s captivated audiences of teachers across the country with her research, methods, and practices and will share in this session how the Science of Happiness can help transform classrooms into places where students love to learn and are able to thrive.

  2. Tech Like a Pirate: Increasing Student Engagement with Technology

    MATT MILLER @jmattmiller
    It’s important for our students to be happy, excited, and motivated to learn. Why? Because happy students become engaged students. Matt will share how you can use technology in very practical, implementable steps to help students engage in their learning by creating meaningful experiences. Plus, Matt is going to give you some super-cool resources so you can implement what he teaches in this session right away. We’re talking already-made templates, plus an idea for using Instagram stories to teach that will blow you away!

  3. Kids Deserve It

    ADAM WELCOME @mradamwelcome
    “Kids Deserve It” is a simple, yet profound, message. We all want to empower educators to be brave and bold and to do what’s best for the kids. And Adam encourage teachers to take risks and try new things in their classroom to create the best possible environment for their students and the entire school community. His philosophy: We don’t need to teach kids as much in 2019—we need to allow them.

  4. Growth Mindset: What, Why, and How

    KIM STROBEL @strobeled
    The growth mindset curriculum has been proven to lead to greater motivation levels and higher achievement for students. This introductory session will explain the importance of implementing a growth mindset in your classroom, as well as in your personal life. You’ll learn why and how working with students’ mindsets and their beliefs (as well as your own) truly impacts success in school and in life.

  5. The Future of Education and An Infused Classroom

    HOLLY CLARK @hollyclarkedu and TANYA AVRITH @tanyaavrith
    This session is for every teacher who wants to amplify teaching and learning in the classroom by using powerful online tools that put learning first! Holly and Tanya are in the trenches with teachers and show why pedagogy must always come before technology, why we must accept the changes happening in technology, and how we can set our students up for real success.

  6. Intro to Genius Hour—and Why You Should Be Doing This!

    KIM STROBEL @strobeled
    Genius Hour is taking the teacher professional development world by storm! It’s a movement that unlocks student achievement and encourages creativity by allowing every student the opportunity to explore their own passions and interests and make their own learning choices. During this session, Kim will show teachers how to adjust a traditional curriculum to allow for Genius Hour and how it fosters the critical and creative thinking skills that the 21st century learner requires.

  7. Equality and Education: Addressing Issues Still Affecting Minority Students

    KIERA VARGAS @DrSurvivor
    Educators MUST learn to be open-minded before they step into their classrooms. So often, educators are oblivious to others’ cultural norms simply because they focus almost exclusively on their own upbringings. This affects our students and prevents them from receiving the lessons in self-efficacy that they need to conquer. During this session, Kiera will demonstrate why it’s so important to not limit any student, why some students’ test scores might not be indicative of what society says is acceptable, and why you should step out of your comfort to assist them.

First video will be available on July 7, with a new video released each day after. All seven videos will be available through July 26.


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Kim Strobel[/lgc_column]

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Kim Strobel
Kim Strobel is an educator, motivational speaker, and happiness coach. She presents on stages around the country on a range of topics, including both educational and personal development themes. Kim’s wisdom, positivity, and strength inform every aspect of her work and her ultimate goal shines through every presentation: to help everyone achieve their dreams, step into their authentic power, and truly live their best life.

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Adam Welcome[/lgc_column]

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Adam Welcome
Adam Welcome has been a teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Director of Innovation for a large school district in California. He’s also the co-author/founder of Kids Deserve It and the author of Run Like a Pirate and Empower our Girls. Adam works with many different school districts from around the country and is a keynote presenter as well.

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Matt Miller[/lgc_column]

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Matt Miller
Matt Miller is an educator and blogger and has infused technology and innovative teaching methods in his classes for more than 10 years. He is the author of two books: Ditch That Textbook, about revolutionizing the classroom with innovative teaching, mindsets and curriculum; and Ditch That Homework, a book of strategies to help teachers become less reliant on homework to the point they can ditch it. A Google Certified Innovator, PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator, and two-time Bammy! Awards nominee, Matt writes at the Ditch That Textbook blog about using technology and creative ideas in teaching.

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Holly Clark[/lgc_column]

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Holly Clark
Holly Clark is the co-author of The Google-Infused Classroom. She is an Educational Strategist, Google Certified Innovator, and National Board Certified Teacher and consults with schools internationally on building the culture and strategy to support and inspire innovative teaching, including technology integration and digital citizenship.

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Tanya Avrith
Tanya Avrith is the co-author of The Google-Infused Classroom. She is a Director of Educational Technology, Google Certified Innovator, and Apple Distinguished Educator who consults with schools to help plan and execute large-scale deployments and professional development plans for digital citizenship, technology integration initiatives, and organizational development.

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Kiera O'Shea[/lgc_column]

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Kiera Vargas
Exposure is key to education and to Kiera Vargas’ philosophy of assisting with the educational arena. A passionate lawyer, librarian, and educator, she works to ensure more students from diverse backgrounds have the tools and opportunities to conquer their dreams.

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