The Science of Growth Mindset

Change Your Thoughts to Increase Your Success

Everyone knows that not all change is good or even necessary. But in a world that is constantly changing, it is to our advantage to learn how to adapt and enjoy something better.” –Kenneth H. Blanchard”

Life is always going to be full of hardships, adversities, drama, and disruptions. Roadblocks and tough times are inevitable. How will you respond?  Your mindset has everything to do with this.

When we can learn how to pivot, persist, and adapt rather than crack, crumble, and give up.  We can learn to see stress as a challenge and create new opportunities within our schools, businesses, and organizations where our beliefs become the very center of what we know is possible. 

According to mindset psychology researcher Carol Dweck, “A growth mindset is the understanding that we can develop our abilities and intelligence.” Research has shown that our implicit beliefs about our abilities intelligence can greatly impact our achievement in all areas of our life.

A person’s mindset (student, employee, etc.) and the mindset of those around you will have a significant impact on your life.

In this keynote, Kim discusses how a person’s intelligence has a significant impact on their motivation, effort, and approach to challenges. Those who believe their abilities are changeable are more likely to embrace challenges and persist despite failure. 

We all need reminding of the value of productive struggle and feeling safe taking risks to learn something new. We all want our employees, teams, clients and students to have confidence and feel like they can positively impact their community. We want them to believe they have the power to make our world a better place.

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What you'll learn:

  • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Establishing growth mindset beliefs
  • Strengthening the brain as a muscle
  • The value of productive struggle
  • Skills are BUILT not born—they have to be earned
  • How our words influence the culture
  • The connection between ability and accomplishment
  • Negative labels and how they work
  • The dangers of praise and positive labels
  • Creating a growth mindset culture

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