Standards-Based Grading

How to Implement a Meaningful Grading System that Improves Student Success

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Grades should provide answers rather than raise questions.

But it's often the opposite that happens.

When students are scored on an unequal proportionate scale, we fail to see the specific areas of growth that would improve proficiency. Numbers and percentages become meaningless because they’re unable to tell the full story behind a student’s level of understanding causing our students to miss out on the specific feedback they need to make improvements. But what if scores didn’t require the interpretation that’s often needed before they could inform classroom instruction?

Standards-Based Grading is a system that clearly identifies the standards students have mastered, tracks specific progress, and illustrates the big picture for long-term development. In this workshop, we show you how to implement Standards-Based Grading in your classroom and school so that you can collect data that’s meaningful and paints a clear picture of student achievement.

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It's time to create a meaningful grading system that…

Equips teachers with tools to identify knowledge gaps

When teacher know how to align grading practices both horizontally and vertically, they’ll be more equipped to meet the foundational needs of students across content areas.

Empowers students to take ownership of their learning

When students have an awareness of their skills mastery, they can track their progress and become more active participants in their development.

Provides families with accurate feedback

Instead of a numeral or letter-based score as a measurement of mastery, students and parents would know which specific skills they still need to practice.

Improves academic achievement

With more meaningful data about what skills students have yet to master, teachers can design more targeted instruction that improves test scores and overall achievement.

In this self-paced online course, you and your staff will learn:

Prioritize standards and scale mastery

We’ll cover how to examine your state standards to create viable learning targets and assessments that are both horizontally and vertically aligned.

Implement a Standards-Based Grading system

We’ll walk you through the exact steps to implement Standards-Based Grading so you can introduce this system to students and parents with confidence and clarity.

Utilize the Digital Resource Bundle

We’ll show you how to use our Standard’s Based Grading resources that include specific grade-level examples of guides, scales, and assessments.

Here's what teachers and administrators are saying:

Here's what's included in this course:

4 Step Blueprint for Implementation

We will give you step-by-step instructions on how to roll this initiative out.

Digital Resource Bundle

Get access to pacing guides, priority standards, proficiency scales, and assessment examples.

Professional Development Credit

Meet your PD requirements while learning how social-emotional learning can promote both academic and personal student success.

9 Months of Access

Go at your own pace and return to this course at your convenience.

Standards-Based Grading Online Course Schedule

Module 1
Problems With Grading Systems
Module 2
Understanding Rubrics & Proficiency Scales
Module 3
Prioritizing Standards & Creating Pacing Guides
Module 4
Unpacking Standards & Creating Proficiency Scales
Module 5
Developing & Aligning High-Quality Assessments
Module 6
Deep Dive Into Grading Practices
Module 7
Converting Scores & Designing Report Cards
Module 8
Implementing a Standards-Based Grading System

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We give you the exact process and tools you need to make Standards-Based Grading a path to improve student achievement.

We’ve witnessed exponential improvement in student performance as we’ve coached teachers and schools implementing Standards-Based Grading and the same can be true for you. Let us walk you and your team through our blueprint to make Standards-Based Grading an agent of change for instruction and student performance.

Meet your Course instructor:

Kim Strobel Education

Meet Kim Strobel

Kim Strobel is an internationally-known motivational speaker for educators, school leaders, and organizations and travels the globe sharing the impact of happiness on well-being and student achievement.

As a former teacher and curriculum director, her goal is to inspire you by providing thought-provoking research, heartwarming stories, and simple action steps that get you life-changing results.

Because of her own challenges and adversities, Kim teaches others how to overcome their fears, discover their joy, activate their potential, and boldly pursue a life that feels good to them from the INSIDE-OUT.

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  • ELL teachers

  • Special education teachers

  • K-12 gifted and talented teachers

  • K-12 administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals, Curriculum Directors)

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Imagine the strides our students could make with the right tools to face the social-emotional obstacles that often hinder learning?

Let’s infuse our classrooms with strategies that get our students’ thinking back to positive and improve learning outcomes.

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