The Flipped Classroom: Integrating Technology for Active Learning

Onsite Professional Development Training

Topic Description

During this training, participants will delve into the concept of the flipped classroom, a pedagogical approach that aims to transform the way students acquire knowledge and develop skills. By flipping the traditional model of instruction, where students receive direct instruction in class and complete homework independently, the flipped classroom encourages students to engage with instructional material outside of the classroom, often through pre-recorded videos or online resources. As a result, class time is then dedicated to interactive activities, collaboration, and personalized guidance, allowing students to apply their knowledge and actively participate in the learning process.

Throughout this training, educators and school districts will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to successfully implement the flipped classroom model in their own educational settings. Participants will discover how to create compelling and effective multimodal assignments that encompass a wide range of learning styles, leveraging various mediums such as videos, podcasts, interactive websites, and online discussions.

What's Included

  • Digital Resource Bundle: Lifetime Access to Resources
  • Professional Development Hours
  • Downloadable Handout for Note-Taking
  • Break-out sessions & collaboration
  • Interactive engagement
  • Real-life examples/Case Studies

Who This Training Is For

  • Elementary School Teachers
  • Secondary School Teachers
  • Education Specialists
  • School Administrators (Principals, Asst. Principals, Curriculum Directors)
  • Counselors
  • Coaches
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Curriculum Coaches
  • Educational Support Staff
  • Title 1 Teachers & Directors
  • Gifted & Talented Teacher

Training Options

  • Full-day or Half-Day Training
  • PLC Sessions
  • Before/After School Faculty Meetings
  • Virtual Professional Development
  • Coaching & Support
  • Mini-Lesson Modeling

What You'll Learn

The role of the teacher as facilitator

Strobel Education emphasizes the transformative role of a teacher as a facilitator, guiding educators to enable active student participation in learning.

Prepare content in digital form to free up class time for individualized feedback and intervention

Strobel Education provides strategies to digitize content, freeing up class time for personalized feedback and interventions for enhanced student learning.

Plan a standards-aligned, flipped unit of study

Strobel Education assists in planning a flipped, standards-aligned unit of study, ensuring an innovative and engaging learning experience for students.

The Flipped Classroom Schedule

Topic 1: Relevant Research for the Flipped Classroom
Topic 2: Defining the Flipped Classroom
Topic 3: Planning for the Flipped Classroom
Topic 4: Constructing the Flipped Classroom

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