Improving School Culture & Climate Live Virtual Workshop:

Strategies to Energize Your Staff and Transform Your Schools

Full Day Workshop:

January 13, 2024

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CT

7.5 Professional Development Hours

Culture & Climate_ Positive Environments Enhance Performance

Teaching schools to cultivate positive, mission-minded environments.

Positive and healthy school cultures and climates are the foundations of high-quality learning environments.

The reform efforts of the last 30 years have failed to improve student achievement in schools because they failed to adequately address the importance of the culture and climate of schools.

It’s time to recreate the conditions for effective teaching and learning to occur.

Studies show that happiness and well-being are closely correlated with productivity and performance. This means that as educators, it is our responsibility to invest in both our employees’ and students’ academic and personal development.

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January 13 • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT

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A blueprint for positive change in our schools.

Build the essential traits of a positive school climate.

School climate is the feel of the school (the school’s attitude), the behaviors and points of view exhibited and experienced by students, teachers, and other stakeholders.

Create a culture infused with positivity.

School culture is the way things are done in the school (the personality of a school), the underlying norms and values that shape patterns of behavior, attitudes, and expectations between stakeholders in the school.

Produce better results and elevate levels of performance.

When we focus on wellbeing, belief systems, and meaningful change within our organizations, we begin to see increased results. Employees’ brains at positive create a ripple effect felt across the school.

Intentionally focus on positive mindsets.

We can choose to continue to feel powerless or we can begin to change mindsets to get extraordinary results within our organizations and with our employees and students. When everyone feels better, students and employees perform at high levels.

In this full-day virtual live workshop, you and your staff will learn:

Explore why climate matters

Strong school climates are characterized by supportive leadership, teacher collaboration, high expectations for students, and a collective commitment to support student learning.

Build a culture that respects teachers, supports students, and reduces stress.

Schools must invest in practices that provide emotional support to teachers and students to feel good and manage the workload and the stress.

How to implement and maximize the provided Culture and Climate resources

We’ll guide you through our culture and climate resources and give you practical ways to implement the provided ideas, tools, and activities in your school and classrooms.

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Here's what's included in this workshop:

Tools & Strategies

We give you ideas, tools, and strategies that you can begin implementing immediately.

Digital Resource Bundle

Get access to charts, videos, ideas, and strategies for easier implementation.

Professional Development Credit

Meet your PD requirements while learning how culture and climate can promote both academic and personal student success.

Live Chat Support From Dr. Robin Burr

Join the interactive experience and get live feedback and answers to your questions throughout the training.

7 Days of Replay Access

Can’t attend the workshop live? Watch the replay at a later time and still receive all the fabulous resources inside this workshop.

Climate and Culture Workshop Schedule

9:00-9:45 Session 1:
Understanding School Climate
9:45-10:30 Session 2:
Understanding School Culture
10:30-11:15 Session 3:
Happiness Habits for Success
11:15-12:00 Session 4:
Tools for Shifting Climate & Culture
12:30-1:15 Session 5:
How to Lead and Motivate
1:15-2:00 Session 6:
Build Positive Psychology Practices
2:00-2:45 Session 7:
Make a Plan for Moving Forward
2:45-5:00 Session 8:
Reflection & Discussion

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Our Culture and Climate curriculum gives you the tools to inspire greatness in your schools.

A healthy school climate dramatically improves the feel of the school and shapes how students feel about school. If the students are happy, then you and your teachers must create the conditions in which that happiness thrives.

Successful schools encompass healthy and positive cultures. If the importance of school culture is disregarded, the school can become a toxic learning and working environment and fail to achieve its educational goals.

Meet Your Workshop Instructor:

Meet Dr. Robin Burr

Dr. Burr is a mom of twins, and they are 30 years old. Dr. Burr and her husband are both veterans of the Army. She is married to Sam Burr, and they have been together for over 33 years.

She is currently a consultant for National Math and Science with a
focus on middle school and elementary. She has taught for 25 years with most of her time at the elementary level. She has received several awards for her unique approach to individualized instruction that has shown successful growth with marginalized students.

She is currently completing my doctoral degree in curriculum design. Her dissertation is focused on the marginalization of children in rural and inner-city children. She is a math recovery specialist, a certified National Geographic teacher with focus on informational reading,

She has her master’s degree in educational leadership, a master’s degree in elementary education, a member of Hope Street Group, and a teacher leader in NEA.

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Our Culture and Climate Workshop is for:

  • Elementary Teachers
  • Secondary Teachers
  • Specialists
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Curriculum Coordinators

Imagine the strides our schools can make with positive mindsets where people feel good and perform well.

Let’s infuse our schools with passion, purpose and positive outcomes.

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