Bring Strobel Education to Your School

On-site training that’s customized to meet the unique needs of your staff.

Ever felt like you had to be selective about the needs and goals you prioritized when planning professional development for your staff? 

You only have a handful of in-service days to provide training that will help your teachers grow and improve their instruction. You know that any training you provide needs to get the buy-in of your teachers in order for the material to have any effect on student learning. Plus, you have your own professional goals for your school that will require time and investment to get your staff on board.

Strobel Education On-Site Training

At Strobel Education, we believe that professional development should check all the boxes.

When you bring Strobel Education to your campus, we provide training that’s designed to meet individual teachers’ needs and equips your entire faculty to meet your goals and objectives for your school community.

Each year our consultants provide hundreds of professional development, and we specialize in creating an environment that’s full of energy, real talk, and specific practical examples that teachers find refreshing and easy to implement.

We make it our mission to get your teachers excited about getting back in the classroom with the resources they need and getting you results that will make a difference in student success.

Our On-site Training provides opportunities for your staff to…

Discover effective teaching strategies

We provide a context for teachers to learn from our consultants and glean from the wealth of knowledge and skills that already exist among your staff.

Collaborate and build synergy

Our discussions and activities are designed to guide teachers as they learn, exchange ideas, and share their own strategies that have achieved results.

Cultivate a collective vision

Prioritize growth and improvement together so that students are the true benefactors of our joint efforts.

We customize professional learning to meet the needs of your staff and your schedule.

Here’s what our On-site Training can look like on your campus…

Full Day or Half Day Training

Schedule one of our highly interactive, customized training sessions for your next teacher in-service day. 

PLC Sessions

Have one of our consultants provide in-person professional learning within your staff’s PLC schedule.

Before / After School Training 

Let one of our consultants provide training during a faculty meeting either before or after school.

*We are also able to provide virtual professional development for any topic of your choice, as well as modify any of our 6-hour trainings to work inside the timeframe that works best with your scheduling needs.

Professional development topics we bring to your staff:

Trauma-Informed Schools

Learn about how traumatic experiences affect learning and how to design instruction to serve our most vulnerable students.

Social-Emotional Learning

Learn how social emotional wellbeing contributes to academic success and how to teach that information to our students along with the skills they need to be good at school and at life.

Classroom Management Strategies

Explore a variety of classroom management strategies that create an environment where students feel safe and excited to learn.

Growth Mindset

Learn how to nurture a classroom of resilience. Explore ways to teach students about our capability to adapt and grow as individuals, and the skills they need to make it a practice.

Genius Hour & Project-Based Learning

Discover how to guide students as they take ownership of their learning through project-based learning. Learn how to structure genius hour in your classroom in a way that integrates standards and learning objectives.

Standard-Based Grading and Assessing

Explore the data showing how this assessment model provides better information about student progress. Get practical strategies to incorporate standards-based grading in your school to improve student success.

Data-Driven Decisions and Instruction

Learn how to use data to drive decisions about instruction. Explore a variety of data collection practices and identify which ones would provide the most valuable information for your students.

Engagement Strategies for the 21st-Century Learner

Explore research showing how students gravitate toward learning new information and how to leverage those behaviors to design learning experiences in a 21st-century classroom.

Effective Vocabulary Strategies 

Discover ways to model effective vocabulary strategies for students that they can apply in all content areas.

Overcoming Educator Burnout and Stress Cycles

Learn what causes educator burnout and practical, simple strategies to overcome the stress we often feel as we manage the endless demands of teaching.

Close Reading and Text Dependent Questioning

Learn how this research-based strategy supports reading comprehension, fluency, and critical thinking. Find out how to leverage this strategy to improve student engagement and build confidence.

Culture and Climate

Find out how school culture and climate impact instruction and student learning. Get practical tips for supporting healthy workplaces and learning environments where students and teachers thrive.

Student-Driven Learning

Explore how to guide students as they take ownership of their learning. Discover how to create a structured classroom environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and curiosity.

The Science of Reading

Learn research-driven strategies that facilitate the use of systematic phonics and phonemic awareness to increase fluency and comprehension.

The Flipped Classroom

Learn how this instruction method shakes up traditional teaching and increases student engagement. Discover how to use multimodel assignments to enhance student learning.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Kim about the topic that would best meet the specific needs of your staff.

And here’s the best part…

With each training, we provide lesson plans, activities, and resources to help your staff implement new learning the very next day.

We know it can be challenging to apply new methods and concepts after a full day of professional learning. That’s why we provide your staff with a digital resource bundle that includes everything they need to use the frameworks and strategies we teach.

As part of the training, our consultants demonstrate how to use these resources so that teachers will feel confident and equipped to use them in their classrooms while their learning is still top of mind.

Your teachers will walk away with tools and knowledge so their professional learning impacts not only their instruction but also student success.

Strobel Education Onsite Training

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works…

Contact Us

Book a call with Kim or one of her consultants to talk about the needs of your staff and how we can best serve them and your school as a whole.

Secure Dates

Let us know the dates and times that work for you and we’ll get them scheduled with one of our consultants.

Prep Material 

Two weeks before, you’ll receive an outline of the training schedule, digital resources for you to print and make copies to have at the training for your staff, and any other details for that day.

Learn Together 

Learn alongside your staff as your Strobel Education consultant provides highly engaging and interactive training for your faculty.

What other teachers say 

Strobel Ed always delivers! They give great ideas and  show practical examples that I can implement immediately. I left with a solid plan that included next steps. 

C. Dallinger 

 Elementary Teacher

Kim’s depth of knowledge regarding best practices has been so beneficial to our teachers. Her ability to facilitate organization and collaboration among participants fully engages teachers in developing and ‘owning’ their own work. 

Dr. Tracy Lorey 

 Superintendent, Greater Jasper Schools

The Strobel Education Team provides PD like no other. In my 32 years of teaching, this is by far the best training we’ve ever had.

R. Ferguson 

Assistant Superintendent

Kim Strobel

I’m Kim Strobel, Founder of Strobel Education

Our consultants know that every school, faculty, and team is different with a unique set of teaching styles and professional needs.

And while it’s our priority to provide training that’s engaging, interactive, data-driven, and fun, we also provide customized feedback and strategies tailored to the specific strengths and needs of your teachers.

We create a high-energy environment full of real-talk and practical examples from our current classroom experiences where teachers feel invigorated, affirmed, and supported. 

We look forward to partnering with you to provide professional development that’s bursting with soul, science, and strategies that work!

Meet the Strobel Education Team

Our consultants are in the trenches with teachers, drawing from current classroom experience, and using the strategies we teach and the resources we provide in our workshops and courses.



Dr. Emma Gibbs is a Strobel Education consultant as well as a classroom teacher and travels the country sharing her wealth of knowledge and resources with educators about social-emotional well-being. As a trauma-informed specialist, she trains teachers on how to place students' physical, mental, and emotional well-being at the forefront and teaches students self-regulation strategies to support academic success and build relationships with peers.



Dr. Ennis is a Strobel Education consultant, a nationally board-certified teacher (ELA/YA), and a college English instructor. A public school teacher for eight years before leaving the classroom to coach high school ELA teachers at the district level, Kristie is an intuitive and engaging presenter. She’s well-versed on various topics—including data-driven decision-making, standards-based grading, genius hour, and growth mindset—and her ability to read a room helps her make magic during her teacher training.

Strobel Education Professional Development Guide

Customize a professional development experience for your staff!

Grab our guide to design a customized PD experience for your staff with a combination of our workshops, courses, keynotes, and coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of On-site Training sessions?

 Most of our sessions have been designed as full-day trainings (approx. six hours). But we can customize any presentation to fit the time you have allocated.

How far in advance do I need to book a training session for my school?

At times, we can honor last-minute requests, but the earlier you book, the better chance you have of securing your date. Many schools book 6 - 12 months in advance, especially for multi-day training and initiatives.

Do you offer different formats of On-site Training?

We are very flexible and understand you have certain scheduling challenges at times. Depending on your needs, we can do a full-day training with the entire staff, two half-day sessions with different groups, 45-minute grade-level rotations, PLC times, or mini-lesson modeling. We also do before or after-school meetings.

What do I need to provide on the day of On-site Training?

After we’ve confirmed a date and time, we’ll send an email the week of the training with all the information and any accompanying materials. On the day of the training you will need to provide:

  • A suitable learning environment, including tables and chairs for our consultant and participants
  • A projector and large screen
  • Wifi
  • Speaker system (if necessary)
  • Microphone (if the training is for a large crowd) 
  • Printouts of the digital resources we will send via email two weeks before the training.

Is there a cancellation policy?

With written notice, your onsite professional development day may be rescheduled for a future date within the same school year up to 60 days before the designated date. However, the contract must be paid in full by the first original selected date. 

Will materials be provided?

Your Strobel Education consultant will email you two weeks prior to the training and include a PDF handout to be printed out for your participants' use. If you prefer, an interactive digital version will also be made available. If this is the route taken, please make sure laptops or tablets are made available.

How do I pay for On-site Training sessions?

Generally, we create an invoice after the training day occurs. Then, payment is expected approximately 30 days via a check. Sometimes, schools ask us to send an invoice in advance, and we are happy to do so if that works best.

What happens after my On-site Training is booked?

After securing your date, you’ll receive a contract that includes the date, time, topics, and goals of your training.

When will the consultant reach out to me?

Approximately three weeks before your training, your assigned Strobel Education consultant will reach out to you to review the goals and outcomes for the day to ensure your needs are being met.

Do you offer additional support, coaching, or follow-up after the training?

Yes, some schools find follow-up coaching very valuable to them. You can request virtual or more on-site coaching days to help keep everyone on track, achieve accountability, and provide the support needed to implement successfully.

Contact us to learn more about having Strobel Education on your campus for On-site Training.

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