10 Lessons I’ve Learned in the Last Decade

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As I stated in the last email, I’m spending time this month reflecting on my 40’s decade of life since the big 5-0 is coming up.

Reflection is a big part of my life because I can easily get lost in my own busyness and forget how much I’ve learned and gleaned in the last decade. As I began doing so, I saw that I’ve learned a lot in the last 10 years.

Yes, there’s been many challenges and within those have come life-shifting lessons.

Here are a few I’ve been paying attention to:

1️⃣ As you get older, sometimes you have to say goodbye to friendships, especially when they no longer feel good. I’ve been asking myself, “Does my energy feel better or worse when I’m with this person?”

2️⃣ Investing in your marriage is important, especially when it comes to being empty-nesters. Scott and I did a pretty good job of this in the last decade, and it made the transition to just the two of us quite a bit sweeter and easier.

3️⃣ Every single one of us is deserving of all the goodness life has to offer. (Even you).

4️⃣ As your children grow up, your parenting role does, too. On a personal note, I’m finding the flow between taking my son’s lead and learning not to give advice unless he asks for it. (Most of the time. 🫣) This book helped me.

5️⃣ Taking care of my body is more than just exercising it. It’s feeding it well. Truth be told, it’s not always fun. (I miss my nightly Hostess cupcakes, but I’ve made strides in the last couple of years.)

6️⃣ Forgiveness and holding onto injustices stole some of my joy. It became too heavy, and I spent 2020 specifically working on forgiveness. I’m not totally there yet, but I’m way lighter than I used to be.

7️⃣ Haters are gonna hate, but I don’t have to engage with them or take on their energy. Instead, I’m focused on climbing my own mountain.

8️⃣ Creating time for peace and quiet is critical to my well-being. Much work to do in this area, yet.

9️⃣ Dreams can be bigger than I ever imagined, and they all start with a grateful spirit. (Freebie alert!! Start tapping into your big dreams with this gratitude prompt & tracker.)

🔟 Learning and growing are critical to creating a good life!

Is there one lesson I learned that spoke to you? What is a big lesson you recently learned in your life?

Grateful to continue supporting you!

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