Reimagining Grading and Assessment Practices in 21st Century Education

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As education continues to evolve in response to emerging trends and challenges, the role of assessment is becoming increasingly critical. Beyond measuring student performance, grading practices offer a window into how we view learning. As educators, school administrators, and policymakers strive for a system that genuinely reflects student learning and fosters a lifelong pursuit of […]

Reduce Student Failure Rates with Alternative Student Assessment

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As educators, we stand at the crossroads of a long-standing debate: the merits of grading versus assessment in the classroom. This blog post will peel back the layers of this discussion, revealing the intricacies of traditional letter grades and the emerging landscape of alternative student evaluations. With the primary aim to enhance student learning and […]

Designing Effective Standards-Based Report Cards – 4 Implementation Steps

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The conversation surrounding student assessment is ever-evolving, and one topic that has gained considerable attention is the concept of standards-based report cards. This innovative approach to student evaluation is reshaping how educators, students, and parents understand and engage with the learning process. In the following post, we will delve deeply into the world of standards-based […]

Overcoming Challenges: Community Engagement in Standards-Based Education

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Navigating the shift to a standards-based education system can be a daunting endeavor, especially when it comes to engaging the wider community in this transformation. As educators, school administrators, and policy-makers, you might find yourself caught in the crossfire of numerous debates, ranging from the validity of traditional grading systems to the benefits and challenges […]

Assessing Student Learning: 6 Types of Assessment and How to Use Them

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Assessing student learning is a critical component of effective teaching and plays a significant role in fostering academic success. We will explore six different types of assessment and evaluation strategies that can help K-12 educators, school administrators, and educational organizations enhance both student learning experiences and teacher well-being. We will provide practical guidance on how to […]

Leading Change with Effective Grading Practices

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As a teacher, you strive to ensure that your students are learning and growing in their knowledge. In order to do so, you need a grading system that accurately reflects student performance and encourages learning.Effective grading practices are evidence-based, fair, and successful in helping students learn. With the right guidance and support from this blog post, […]

Achieving Fairness and Transparency in Grading Practices through Standards-Based Grading

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Grading practices are essential for the evaluation and assessment of student performance. Accurate assessments provide teachers with an understanding of how well students are learning material while also giving administrators insight into areas where further improvement is needed.Unfortunately, many grading practices lack fairness and transparency, making it difficult for both teachers and administrators to accurately […]

Exploring Traditional Grading Systems: Pros, Cons, And Alternatives

Grading systems have been around for centuries and are still used in classrooms today, but what exactly is a traditional grading system, why do we use it, and what are some alternatives? In this article, we will explore the history of grades, discuss the pros and cons of traditional grading scales, look at the impact […]

Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Standards-Based Grading Systems

Education is constantly evolving, and new assessment methods are often introduced to measure student performance better. One such system that has been gaining traction in recent years is standards-based grading (SBG). This type of grading focuses on assessing a student’s mastery of specific learning targets and skills rather than assigning an overall letter grade based […]

Do You Know How Our Current Grading System Was Founded

This is a fun fact email when it comes to how schools “grade” students. Since most schools today use the point system for their method of scoring classroom assessments, I thought it might be informative to consider its origins.  1917 – The United States Army develops an Alpha test, multiple-choice and true-false questions to determine […]

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