Growth Mindset in Schools: Boosting Motivation & Increasing Achievement

According to Carol Dweck, “A growth mindset is the understanding that we can develop our abilities and intelligence.” Research has shown that our implicit beliefs about our intelligence can have a great impact on our achievement, which is why many teachers are adopting this philosophy in their classrooms.

As I’ve observed and helped implement Growth Mindset projects and curriculums in schools across Indiana, I’ve seen students’ attitudes improve. I’ve seen the overall culture of classrooms and schools expand toward a more positive and productive climate.

Just recently I was working in a classroom that was utilizing one of the Growth Mindset strategies, and I literally got all ‘goose bumpy’. Each Monday, the students walk up to this chart (this is after they’ve already implemented the growth mindset curriculum at the beginning of the year) and write a goal for the week. The goal is clearly visible to them throughout the week and it becomes a focus of their conversations during classroom meetings. At the end of the week, they reflect on their goals to see how they did and what they may need to alter.

Wow, what a way to keep students focused on what they CAN do and to keep them accountable.
I was simply blown away by seeing it all in action!

We want our students to learn the value of productive struggle and to feel safe taking risks in the effort of learning something new. We all want our children to have confidence and feel like they can have a positive impact on their school and their community. We want them to believe they have the power to make our world a better place. And every single teacher wants high achievement levels for their students.

As I’ve worked with teachers, I’ve seen classroom climates infused with a sense of purpose and contribution. I’ve seen children’s self-esteem being cultivated, and learning that demonstrates that growth comes from productive struggle. I’ve seen entire classrooms and schools adopt this growth mindset practice, and it has literally transformed the school culture into one that promotes positivity, happiness, and the value of growing.

We know from the research that students (and teachers) with a growth mindset
learn, thrive, and achieve more than those who have fixed mindsets.

And so, I’m super-excited about facilitating the Growth Mindset workshop this winter in three different locations because I get to give teachers the tools to implement a growth mindset curriculum that is super-easy, but offers big benefits for your classroom community.

And as with all Strobel Education workshops, you leave with ready-made lessons that we’ve created for you, a list of inspiring resources we use to teach growth mindset, and a plan that walks you through the steps of implementing this into your curriculum. It involves developing gritty, determined, self-reliant students who know that if they work hard enough they can and will accomplish great things.

Registration for my Winter Workshops is open!
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