Trauma-Informed Schools Brock

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46% of students under 17 have experienced a traumatic event, and 26% of children under 4 have experienced a traumatic event.

Understand Trauma—Unlock Potential
Students entering the classroom with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues are often at a disadvantage and struggle to keep up with the demands of traditional learning. Brains affected by trauma require a different kind of instruction—and a special kind of care.

  • Learn how to unlock the potential that exists within every student
  • Develop an instructional approach that recognizes and works past behaviors that can limit learning and achievement.

And so much more.

Ready-Made Lesson Plans
Trauma Lesson Plans

The Digital Resource Bundle includes everything you need to launch this topic with your students and in your schools. You don’t have to go around finding all the “stuff”. The curriculum is created for you—relevant mini-lessons, activities, videos, collaboration articles, and all necessary resources.

This full-day workshop offers educators the opportunity to truly understand what their most vulnerable students need

You’ll learn how these struggling learners’ brains work and how to create a classroom environment that is sensitive to the needs of all students, regardless of background.

    • The Impact of Stress and Trauma on Learning
    • How to Build a Resilient Classroom
    • Creating Gritty Learners
    • Neuroscience and Brain-Based Learning Strategies
    • How the Brain Operates—and How to Redirect It
    • Dealing with Students from Traumatic Backgrounds
    • Trauma in Teachers—Fighting Burnout with Self Care

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1- 3 Tiers to Creating Supportive Schools
  • Module 2- Trauma: What it Means
  • Module 3- How Trauma Impacts the Brain
  • Module 4- Building Relationships for Change
  • Module 5- What’s Causing Lagging Skills
  • Module 6- Regulation vs. Dysregulation
  • Module 7- Classroom Strategies for Success
  • Module 8- Practicing Self-Care


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Course Details

Download Course Flyer

Immediate access: $137
(normally $209)

Discounts available!

  • Save $20 per person with teams of 3 or more.
  • Get your whole district involved. Teams of 15+ get special pricing. Contact us for details.

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Here’s What’s Included:

  • 5 hours of course material & video content
  • 5 professional development credits
  • Access for 30 days
  • Complete pre-made lesson plans
  • Fillable workbooks to follow along with
  • Comprehensive digital resource bundle

Who Should Attend?

  • K-12 English-Language Arts Teachers
  • K-12 Content-Area Teachers
  • Literacy coaches and coordinators
  • Title I teachers and directors
  • ELL teachers
  • Special education teachers
  • K-12 gifted and talented teachers
  • K-12 administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals, Curriculum Directors)

“Mrs. Mitchell’s love for children and her belief that all children can be successful—if we as educators meet them where they are—shine through her presentations. After hearing about her background with students who have experienced trauma, you can feel the joy in her heart and you begin to feel the fire of inspiration growing within yourself.” —Jamie Guillaume, 5th Grade Teacher, eLearning Coach, Title 1 Director, PowerEd Up Coordinator

Trauma Curriculum


Learn to create a classroom where compassion and understanding lead to resiliency and achievement!

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