Life is Hard and We Deserve Support

a person hugging a nother to show support

I don’t think we talk enough about the “hard” of our lives or when we are struggling.

I had a hard week a couple of weeks ago. I was struggling with feeling a bit down, could tell I was very emotional because the littlest thing made me irritable or cry, and I really just wanted to lay in bed and watch The Witcher on Netflix.

At first, my Inner Critic, Ethal, yes, I’ve named her, reared her ugly head. She was saying things like, “What is wrong with you, Kim? Get it together?” or “You are so lazy!” or “Oh my gosh, are you depressed? How long will this last?”

and then I saw my friend, George Couros’s Instagram post where he was sharing a vulnerability and I thought, “I think I should tell the social world that things have been a bit rough here lately too.”

So I shared this video.

I’ve had a hard week, so I made a video to help normalize asking for help

I think social media tricks us into thinking everyone’s lives are better than ours, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a society, we tout mental health, but what are we really doing about it? So many people, and teachers especially, are suffering, and we aren’t giving them the support they really need to make changes in their lives so they can feel good in their job but also have something left over for the other parts of their lives.

It’s why I created The Happy Academy, my 9-month well-being program for schools and educators. I wanted to truly be able to support teachers throughout the school year as I coach them on how to create more ease and flow in their lives. I wanted them to get results.

And guess what? One month of the Happy Academy is even dedicated to Overcoming Our Inner Critic and letting go of that darn perfectionism in our lives. We deserve to give our minds and bodies rest when they are asking for it.

If you want a step-by-step proven framework to help your teachers manage stress, create more flow in their lives, and make happiness a part of their everyday lives.

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