Self-Care for Teachers Part I

The classroom is changing and with that so is your work schedule. Over the next two blog posts, I will give you my top 6 tips for self-care as our classroom experiences continue to evolve. 

Tip #1: You need “Office” Hours

You cannot be available 24/7 for your students. You will lose your mind and your inner peace.

Instead, you are allowed to designate virtual office hours. These are time slots where you are available in the morning, afternoon, and maybe a couple of hours in the evening. Students can ask questions, get feedback on assignments, or simply bounce ideas off you during these hours. 

Why office hours? You are allowed to establish boundaries and create space outside of your online learning classroom. Office hours are a great way to set clear boundaries for your students, and yourself. 

A happy teacher makes for a great teacher!

Tip #2: Why A Positive Brain Matters

Here’s my daily wisdom for all you teachers out there: 

Did you know that a positive brain is 31% more productive than a brain that is negative, neutral, or stressed?

Are you stressed? Most of us are, especially now. 

We miss our students and the structure of our days. As teachers, we are giving so much of ourselves right now. But that means we sometimes lose ourselves in the process of working so hard. 

Doing what it takes to take care of you is SO important because your brain at positive will serve you better in all aspects of your life. 

Tip #3: You Are Not Selfish for Putting Yourself First

There is a huge myth in our culture: the idea that putting yourself first is selfish. 

Whether it’s your job, your students, your partner, a family member, or friend, we have a habit of thinking about their desires, needs, interests, before we think of our own. 

This makes sense—we want to make those we love happy. We want to make them feel heard and understood. 

But in the long run, it doesn’t work, and it leaves you feeling depleted. 

Taking good care of YOU, means the people in your life get the best of you rather than what’s leftover. You are allowed to take care of your inner world first. You count!

To be continued…


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