We All Need These 3 Daily Wins


Happiness doesn’t come from the “fake-it-til-you-make-it” mentality. It comes from intentionally deciding day in and day out that you don’t want to be exactly where you are one year from now.

I’ve been studying the concept of “happiness” for a lot of years now, and in my research, I have discovered that there are certain happiness habits that scientifically improve our happiness levels.

I recently saw this graphic and loved it.

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When I get down to the bones of the happiness habits, this is it. Three wins. Stepping stones to more happiness.

There certainly is more to each of them, but at their core, these three wins have completely changed my life.

In fact, the physical win for me was my core building block. I don’t miss a day. I can’t. It’s a piece of the puzzle to my mindset and mental health, and I even prioritize this win on early keynote mornings.

My daily routine also includes reading and meditation, which hit on the other two wins.

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I was honored to speak at the Lake of the Ozarks this month at the Missouri Dept. of Education Conference on the Young Years.

Because having a physical win is so important to me, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to head to the hotel gym and I met some lovely ladies from Gainsville, Missouri. They also know the power of a physical win! It was a delight to connect with them before I spoke. I loved seeing them in the front row.

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After the keynote, my Instagram inbox was flooded with the kindest messages. Sometimes, you are on that stage hoping you’re having a positive effect on others, but it always feels good when someone takes the time to tell you. Here are two that really touched me.

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Do you engage in any of these types of daily wins? Tell me all about it!

Still cheering you on, friend!

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A keynote speech from America’s #1 Happiness Coach, Kim Strobel, is the perfect addition to your organization’s upcoming event!

The keynotes Kim delivers are not only inspiring but action-oriented, leaving educators with hope and happiness to continue in their journey of teaching and leading.

Check out this heart-warming video clip from a keynote Kim did in Ocean City, Maryland

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