Traditional Discipline vs. Trauma-Responsive Practices

How to Find the Right Approach for Your Classroom Debates abound in education. Traditional math or common core? Phonics or whole language? Whole class or small group instruction? Technology integration or technology-free zones? As our Strobel Ed team travels around presenting Trauma-Informed Care practices, we’re encountering a new debate: traditional discipline or trauma-responsive discipline. And … Read More

The Importance of Social Emotional Learning

How a Social Curriculum Leads to Student Success Though another school year seems to have only just recently gotten underway, you’re probably already being inundated with directives to prep for, or teach to, your state’s standardized tests. Right? We all know that the “3 R’s” are vitally important skills, but there’s a risk involved in … Read More

It’s All About the Relationships

How to Incorporate a Social Curriculum (+ 6 Pieces of Advice for Teachers) Relationships. To me, there is no more important facet of the classroom community than relationships. Standards, teaching methods, and the times may change, but strong relationships between teacher and student—and student and student—will ALWAYS be vital. Regardless of the content you’re teaching, … Read More

5 Ways to Fight Teacher ‘Time-Sucks’

How to Manage Your Tasks, Maximize Your Time, & Still Make a Difference Maybe the new school year has just started for you. Or maybe you’ve been hard at work for a few weeks. One thing is probably certain: You’re looking for ways to maximize your time—and make this year your most productive yet! As … Read More

4 Ways Teachers Can Be Out the Door By 4:00

Why Leaving School ON TIME is Vital for Your Sanity Leave school by 4:00? I’m sure you read the title of this blog post and immediately thought, “Kim is crazy!” (Well, yes … I am. But that’s a story for another day and another blog post!) Bear with me … because I’m trying to save your … Read More

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People Throw Rocks at Things that Shine

How to Deal with the ‘Haters’ at Your School “People throw rocks at things that shine.” This quote from Taylor Swift’s song, “Ours,” is one I love and one I carry pretty close to my heart. I guess I’ve never understood why people (females, especially) tear each other down. Of course, I’m not suggesting all … Read More

‘Starbucks’ Your Classroom

Why You Should Take a Fresh Look at Your Learning Space Every teacher strives to create a welcoming space for their students. A classroom environment that is not only conducive to learning, but one that invites communication, collaboration, and creativity. This goal of an educational oasis has led many teachers to take a new approach … Read More

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Happy Teachers + Happy Students = Happy Schools

How Happiness Increases Productivity Work and stress go hand-in-hand. But for educators, stress levels seem to be increasing at a worrying rate. A recent report backs up this concerning information. According to the study, 46% (almost half!) of teachers say they experience high stress on a daily basis. Plus, between 30 and 40 percent of … Read More

Female teacher in a classroom with young children

4 Ways Teachers Rock Their Profession

Educators Deserve Thanks—and Free PD Teachers rarely get the accolades, the appreciation, or even the respect they deserve. We at Strobel Ed want to change that. One way we’re doing that? The Strobel Summit—a FREE 6-session professional development webinar series. (You can register here now and read on to learn more about it!) There are … Read More