Exploring Genius Hour: Projects Ideas, Benefits, And Tips For Maximizing Learning

Genius Hour is an innovative concept that has been gaining popularity in classrooms around the world. It gives students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and explore their interests in a safe, fun environment. In this article, we will discuss what Genius Hour is and explain the benefits it can bring to students. […]

Diving into Genius Hour

If you are interested in incorporating Genius Hour into your classroom, there are several tips and tricks that can help you successfully implement this authentic learning experience. Learning opportunities created through Genius Hour are deep, rich, and long-lasting. Once you have thought out the advice above, you are ready to dive into Genius Hour with […]

Why Genius Hour Helps Student Learning & Growth

Being an educator is more than a rewarding profession. It is a calling. In this calling we are given an opportunity and an obligation to not only educate students by teaching academic standards, but also to guide students in developing skills that will lead them to become successful, happy adults.   Take a moment and think […]

Strobel Summit Wrap-up

A Lot of Learning, A Lot of Inspiration, A Lot of Fun The 2018 Strobel Summit is officially on the books! We had nearly 5000 awesome educators from around the world register for this free online professional development series—and we could not be more grateful to all of you who participated. New School Year—New Ideas […]

The Freedom to Find One’s Genius

Why Creativity in the Classroom is Vital to Learning I know being a teacher sometimes feels like a hopeless endeavor. With constant changes and unending expectations placed upon us, it takes perseverance and dedication to stay in this very sacred profession. But I believe even with all our challenges, educators still have the power to […]

Reinventing the Classroom Experience

How to Overcome Politics & Limitations in Education Are you deeply concerned about education? I am. Education systems are being reformed across the county, but it seems in many cases, the changes are driven by political and commercial interests. By people that don’t understand how real students learn and how great schools actually work. There! […]