How Teaching Your Students to Think Lessens Your Load

TEACHER FREEBIE: Thinking Stems Poster Pack Have you ever noticed that at the end of the school day, you and your fellow teachers can barely drag yourselves out to the parking lot, so exhausted and drained from the day? And yet most of our students skip out of the classroom, seemingly without a care. They … Read More

Building Strong Readers | Part Two

What does this mean for the classroom teacher?  How do you keep a balance of literacy instruction in your teaching? What might this look like? Firstly, every child should be reading a book of his/her own choosing independently.  This might include a reading continuum from easy to more challenging, depending on the students’ interest and … Read More

Building Strong Readers | Part One

The new standards call for kids to read books that ‘frustrate’ them? Is this a good idea? If so, how do we teach this? Best practices for teaching reading skills is ever evolving in the world of education. In 1967, a heavily phonetic approach instead of what was considered the “look-say” method of learning words … Read More