Consulting & Coaching Services

Tailored onsite and virtual coaching services designed to empower educators and leaders with innovative strategies and personalized support, enhancing their ability to foster engaging and effective learning environments.

Drive Real Results With Coaching

Ongoing Support | Accountability | Real Time Feedback

Strobel Education’s Consulting & Coaching services offer a transformative approach to educational improvement, focusing on personalized, practical solutions that drive significant classroom change.

Drawing from extensive expertise and real-world experience, our consultants work closely with educators to facilitate meaningful reflections, uncover hidden obstacles, and develop actionable strategies tailored to each school’s unique context.

By fostering a supportive and empowering environment, we help teachers build confidence in their abilities, embrace innovative practices, and create a lasting positive impact on student success.

Our commitment is to inspire and support educators in fostering vibrant, inclusive, and high-performing learning communities.

Our coaching sets the stage for educators to …

Take ownership of their learning

Individualized support creates a context for educators to have meaningful reflections, talk through overwhelming ideas, and create their own roadmaps to implement new strategies.

Find creative solutions

Sometimes a lack of action is caused by underlying issues that we might not even be aware of. In coaching, our questions and conversation topics can help uncover those obstacles and help find a more productive approach toward taking action.

Build confidence in their abilities

Acknowledging what’s already working creates a powerful momentum that can lead to further progress. Let us help you design a culture of affirmation where teachers feel seen, empowered, and celebrated.

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Coaching/Consultation Offerings

Here are some of the ways Strobel Education has helped schools and leaders:

Education Leadership Coaching

Strobel Education offers tailored program evaluations that focus on actionable insights and continuous improvement, ensuring effective implementation and meaningful measurement of educational initiatives.

Program Evaluation

Strobel Education offers tailored program evaluations that focus on actionable insights and continuous improvement, ensuring effective implementation and meaningful measurement of educational initiatives.

Data Collection & Analysis

Our experts at Strobel Education excel in devising inventive and adaptable data collection and analysis strategies, distilling complex insights into straightforward, actionable solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Professional Learning & Coaching

Strobel Education offers customized professional learning and coaching services designed to enhance educators’ skills through evidence-based strategies, extended learning opportunities, and job-embedded support to drive meaningful classroom improvements.

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Provide a flipped professional learning experience for your staff with coaching alongside one of our many online courses or workshops. Give your teachers an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from a Strobel Education Consultant throughout their online learning experience.

*Our Coaching can be in the form of asynchronous support, live weekly/monthly PLC support, or professional development for your faculty meetings.

Why Choose Strobel Education's Coaching Services:

What educators are saying…

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to get a full day of PD, but having Kim coach us throughout the school year allowed me to truly implement and feel supported as I tried new teaching strategies.

Seymour Schools

I am leaving this training with some amazing strategies and resources that I will be able to take back and implement in my classroom ASAP! But even more than that, I also enjoyed her positivity and overall energy for the content. I feel invigorated to re-enter my classroom.

T. English

Here's how Coaching works…


We’ll schedule a pre-consultation call to talk about the needs of your staff and how we can best serve them and your school as a whole. We’ll set the timeframe for our support, plan topics of discussion, the total number of coaching sessions, and resources we can provide.


On the week of your coaching sessions, you’ll receive an email with reminders about the coaching session schedule, relevant digital resources for you to print and make copies to have available at the time of your session(s), and other communication details.


During the scheduled time frame of your coaching package, your Strobel Education consultant will facilitate conversations that guide reflection and provide feedback for the topics we’ve planned during our pre-consultation call.

Follow Up

Within a week of your coaching experience, you’ll receive suggestions for next steps from your Strobel Education consultant, along with any notes and observations from their coaching with your staff.

Coaching is the perfect solution for you and your staff if...

Get in touch with us about scheduling coaching for your staff.

Tell us about your staff needs and a Strobel Education consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

Coaching sessions can be completely customized for your staff including the time, length, and format of the session(s). We can schedule them during 30–45 minute conference periods for individual grade levels and teams, or up to 2 hours in large-group settings. It really depends on the types of conversations we agree would be the most productive for the topics we plan on discussing.

At times, we can honor last-minute requests, but the earlier you book, the better chance you have of securing your date(s). Many schools book our coaching sessions as a follow-up experience to a keynote presentation, on-site training, in tandem with one of our self-paced courses. These are usually booked out 3-6 months in advance.

We understand you have certain scheduling challenges at times so we customize coaching completely around your scheduling needs. Our sessions can be formatted as a full-day training with the entire staff, two half-day sessions with different groups, 45-minute grade-level rotations, or PLC times. We also do before or after-school meetings.

After we’ve confirmed a date and time, we’ll send an email the week of the session(s) with all the information and accompanying materials. Depending on the size of the group, if it’s onsite or virtual, and the format of teacher participation, you may need:

  • A projector – to project the video of the SE consultant (if coaching is being provided in a large group setting)
  • Wifi
  • Speaker system (if necessary)
  • Communication to the staff with the zoom link, we will provide the week of the session(s), if virtual
  • Printouts of the digital resources we will send via email two weeks before the session(s)

With written notice, your coaching sessions may be rescheduled for a future date within the same school year, up to 60 days before the designated date. However, the contract must be paid in full by the first original selected date. 

Your Strobel Education consultant will email you two weeks prior to the training and include a PDF handout to be printed out for your participants’ use. If you prefer, an interactive digital version will also be made available. If this is the route taken, please make sure laptops or tablets are made available.

Generally, we create an invoice after the coaching occurs. Then, payment is expected approximately 30 days via a check. Sometimes, schools ask us to send an invoice in advance, and we are happy to do so if that works best.

After securing dates, you’ll receive a contract that includes the date, time, topics, and goals of your coaching sessions. Two weeks before the session(s), you’ll receive a reminder email along with the relevant digital materials.

Approximately three weeks before your scheduled sessions, a Strobel Education consultant will reach out to you to discuss your goals for coaching and make final plans for the timing, format, and length of each session.