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Standards-Based Grading: Step 1 Prioritizing Standards

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Teachers are faced with the enormous responsibility of teaching, assessing, and responding to students learning across a high number of dense standards within a limited number of school days. Dr. Robert Marzano, a leading researcher in education, states that in order to cover all of the content required in many states’ standards, schooling would need to be changed from K-12 to K-22. Marzano states that “The sheer number of standards is the biggest impediment to implementing standards.”

It is for this very reason in this training, I teach you how to prioritize and categorize the standards into three levels. Tier 1, your priority standards, receive 50-75% of your instruction time. Tier 2 standards receive 25-50% of instruction time. And finally, your Tier 3 standards receive less than 10% of instruction time.

You will also learn how to create Pacing Guides, which act as a curriculum map throughout the school year.

In this training you will:

  • Prioritize the standards into three levels and determine the priority learning targets.
  • Gain clarity around what the students are expected to have learned upon leaving the grade level/ course.
  • Create the horizontal and vertical alignment piece to identify skills and processes students need to be able to know and do at each grade level.
  • Develop a rich understanding of how the standards build vertically and support students’ readiness for the next unit of study, grade level, or course.

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