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Kim Strobel is a renowned motivational speaker and author of Teach Happy: Small Steps to Big Joy, sought after by schools, businesses, and organizations worldwide. With her powerful message about the impact of happiness on well-being and the pursuit of fulfillment, she traverses the globe, sharing her insights. Kim specializes in empowering educators and professionals, equipping them with the necessary tools and strategies to shift their mindsets, reclaim their happiness, reignite their passion, and lead with purpose.
Drawing from her extensive background as a teacher and curriculum director, Kim’s ultimate aim is to inspire her audience. Through her engaging talks, she presents captivating research, heartwarming anecdotes, and practical steps for achieving life-altering results.
In addition to her professional pursuits, Kim is a devoted animal rescuer, having rescued 187 dogs. She is also an avid runner and has an unwavering love for life.


Kim Strobel is a renowned motivational speaker with a global reach, inspiring schools, businesses, and organizations to prioritize happiness and strive for greater fulfillment in life. She is the author of Teach Happy: Small Steps to Big Joy, a book that acknowledges the hardness and heart of the teaching profession but also provides a clear path to reclaiming joy and happiness within and outside of this profession.

With her powerful presence and expertise, Kim acts as an influencer, consultant, and author, transforming the way institutions focus on well-being. By teaching individuals how to reclaim happiness, ignite their passion, and lead with purpose, Kim’s refreshing “real talk” approach allows her to connect authentically with audiences worldwide.

Drawing on her extensive 25-year education career as a former teacher and curriculum director, Kim has collaborated with educators at all levels to introduce innovative and inspiring practices in the classroom. Her efforts have resulted in increased academic achievement and the creation of positive school-wide environments. Through thought-provoking research, heartfelt stories, and actionable steps, Kim aims to inspire individuals to achieve life-changing results.

Recognizing the impact of her work, esteemed entities such as Google, State Departments of Education, and various schools, organizations, and corporations consistently seek Kim’s guidance to enhance their overall culture and performance. As a consultant, she assists these organizations in cultivating happiness and well-being habits that facilitate mindshifts for tangible results.

When not captivating audiences on stage, Kim enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, son, extended family, and three rescue dogs. She is a dedicated runner, an avid book lover, and has been faithfully enjoying Friday lunch dates with her beloved 99-year-old grandmother for the past 23 years. As an animal rescuer, Kim has personally saved 187 dogs to date, demonstrating her compassion and commitment to making a positive impact.

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