Reignite Your Classroom with
Confidence, Joy, &

Reignite Your Classroom with
Confidence, Joy &



Onsite Professional Development Training

During onsite training, Kim Strobel and her team of coaches present best practice strategies and the most up-to-date research and theory to support teachers in their implementation of effective teaching.

Training Topics


  • The 90-minute Reading Block
  • Fluency Strategies
  • Reading Mini-Lessons & Comprehension Strategies
  • Differentiated Literacy Stations
  • Reader’s Workshop
  • Effective Vocabulary Instruction
  • Mini-Lesson Modeling
  • Close Reading, Text Complexity, and Text-Dependent Questioning


  • Launching Writer’s Workshop
  • 6 Traits of Writing
  • Assessing Writing
  • Writing Process
  • Mini-Lesson Modeling

All Content Areas

  • Formative Assessment (Workshop)
  • Trauma-Informed Schools: Reaching & Teaching Challenging Students (Workshop)
  • Trauma-Informed Schools: Transforming the School Culture
  • Trauma-Informed Schools: 2-Day Intensive Training
  • Standards-Based Grading and Assessing
  • Close Reading and Text-Dependent Questioning
  • Text-Dependent Questioning
  • Depth of Knowledge and Rigor
  • Socratic Questioning and Accountability Talk
  • Effective Vocabulary Strategies
  • Genius Hour:  Incorporating Passion, Play, Purpose, and Creativity (Workshop)
  • Growth Mindset: Boosting Motivation and Achievement (Workshop)
  • Staff Motivation (See Kim’s available Keynote Speech topics)


These energetic, high-impact sessions are tailored to meet the unique professional development needs of your staff. Our coaches will provide your staff with personalized direction and interactive modeling of strategies and concepts that support increased classroom learning. And teachers will leave feeling inspired and excited to re-enter their classrooms and implement what they’ve learned.



A Strobel Ed training session is a singularly unique experience! Each one is different, but here are a few things attendees can expect:

  • Research-based content
  • Real talk, real examples
  • Interactive modeling

  • Collaborative discussions and activities
  • Q & A
  • Lots of fun and play!


Strobel Education is committed to staying up to date on national and state standards, including Common Core Standards (CCSS) and Indiana Academic Standards, and creating professional development that meets—and exceeds—educational expectations. The professional development trainings we offer are created using only research-based concepts and practical strategies. Teachers are provided with classroom techniques that work within the structure of the standards while also providing opportunities to bring creativity and imagination back to the learning process.


For professional development for teachers to make a real impact, it must be implemented correctly and rigorously maintained. That’s why our consultants make themselves available after the training ends to offer support and encouragement and answer any questions teachers may have. Additionally, our consultants thrive on feedback and stay in contact with teachers to gather important information that can be used to constantly improve the training process.


Our team of professional education consultants offers decades of experience working with students and educators in a variety of roles. They’ve been “in the trenches,” just like the teachers they’re training, and understand and support the professional dedication it takes to make a lasting impact on the lives of their students.

Kim Strobel

Kim’s coaching is informed by her experiences as a fourth grade teacher, a K-12 literacy coordinator, and a director of curriculum and instruction; she now works as consultant, keynote speaker, and happiness coach. In 2010, she was awarded a grant from the Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowship, which she used to study the practice of meditation and how to use it in the classroom. And most recently, she’s taken her vision of reimagining education to the national stage as a featured speaker at the Innovative Schools Summit in Atlanta, and the School Discipline Conference in Las Vegas.

Gina Stancombe

Currently a literacy coach in Bloomington, Indiana, Gina brings 16 years of experience in primary, intermediate, and multi-age classrooms to her training sessions. She has consulted with Dr. Robert Marzano, gathering research for her school’s restructuring to a Proficiency-Based Learning Model, and she was also an integral team member in her district’s transition to Standards-Based Grading.

Jennifer Mitchell

In her 17 years as an educator, Jennifer has been a special education teacher, a Title 1 director, and currently serves as assistant principal at Perry Central (Indiana) Elementary School. She is passionate about education and learning and has immersed herself in the world of trauma-informed care, a topic she’s studied in depth and with which she has experiences as both an educator and a foster mother.

Jamie Guillaume

Jamie began teaching in 2002 and has taught primary and intermediate grades, as well as middle school. She’s also been an eLearning coach, a High Ability Coordinator, a Title I director, and a media specialist. She has experience working with students from varied backgrounds and strives to meet each child “where they are,” seeking out their talents inside and outside the classroom.