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Trauma-Informed Practices Part 1 and 2 Bundle

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What's in the On-Demand Course?

We Have Combined Two of Our On-Demand Courses Into One Great Bundle! 

This bundle includes both on-demand courses, Trauma Informed Practices Part 1 and Part 2.

Trauma-Informed Practices Part 1

Trauma-Informed Practices Part 2

  • Module 1 – Three Tiers to Creating Supportive Schools
  • Module 2 – Trauma: What it Means
  • Module 3 – How Trauma Impacts the Brain
  • Module 4 – Building Relationships for Change
  • Module 5 – What’s Causing Lagging Skills
  • Module 6 – Regulation vs. Dysregulation
  • Module 7 – Classroom Strategies for Success
  • Module 8 – Practicing Self-Care
  • Module 1 – Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Module 2 – Review of The Brain and How Trauma Affects It
  • Module 3 – The Five Components of Social and Emotional Learning Implementation
  • Module 4 – Incorporating a Social and Emotional Curriculum with SEL's Lessons
  • Module 5 – Embedding Trauma-Informed Practices into Culture and Climate
  • Module 6 – Brain-Based Intervention Strategies to Reduce Negative Impacts of Trauma
  • Module 7 – Create A Year-Long Foundational Trauma-Informed Plan

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