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The Strobel Ed courses are dynamic and I gain strategies and resources that can be implemented tomorrow in my classroom.

S. Gullett
Ed. Recovery, KY Dept. of Ed.

Kim knows how to engage teachers. She’s open, enthusiastic, and focused. My teachers and literacy coach feel confident returning to school and implementing these lessons. Kim’s knowledge and experience make her a winner with teachers!

Tammy Dexter
Director of School Support, Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation

I loved the energy and “realness” the Strobel Education Team brings to these courses. Knowing they are teachers still embedded in the classroom makes all the difference.

Laura Ash

I am blown away by this course. Great energy and a variety of activities for engagement. The Google folder with ready-made resources makes my life so much easier as a teacher!

Kris Fabick
Central Magnet High School, Murfreesboro, TN


All I can say is WOW! Kim’s training was absolutely awesome! Her knowledge of education practice and strategies is very thorough. She must have demonstrated at least 20 strategies that teachers can use. She explained each one, demonstrated it, and had the teachers practice it.

R. Moore
Director of Education, Bloomington, IN

Kim Strobel has her finger on what’s right in education right now: a resurgence of happiness to boost learning, a focus on growth mindset, and so much more. Teachers: when the grading piles up, student issues have you down and you’re feeling overwhelmed, go find Kim. She’ll give you inspiration and ideas to lift you up. On second thought, go find her when everything’s going right and she’ll help you climb to new levels!

Matt Miller
Author, speaker and blogger, Ditch That Textbook, and 10+ year veteran teacher

Kim puts resources in our hands. Kim is positive, honest, encouraging, and “real”. She validates teacher judgment and individual teaching styles while staying within the constructs of high expectations, accountability, and essential standards. She put resources in our hands and made them available to us without feeling overwhelmed

Fran Meckley
Elkhart Community Schools

This is the second Strobel Education workshop I’ve been to and I love it. Kim is full of knowledge, but presents it in such a real way. She truly knows what it’s like to be a classroom teacher and hasn’t forgotten her roots. Also, I left with so many resources so I don’t have to go searching for them.

Aubrey Bush
1st Grade Teacher, East Side Elementary School

This was one of the best trainings in education I have been to. Informative, Resourceful, Energetic, and Positive!

Deb Bachman
Elkhart Community Schools

I love how this workshop touches so many grade levels. Everything presented can be used right away and can be changed/tweaked to meet all grade levels. Kim is genuine and really motivates people. I love the modeling. I also appreciate the resources.

Denise Boring

Absolutely Awesome! Unlike other workshops, Strobel Education makes the material easy to understand and implement quickly into your instruction. Kim is a wonderful person and an awesome presenter.

Dana Campbell
4th Grade Teacher, Sharon Elementary School


I LOVED everything! You are so high energy and such an engaging speaker with powerful stories. Loved the inspirational quotes, too.

Angie Whitmer
Monroe County School, Bloomington, IN

Kim is so real – her energy, experience, passion, and her ability to connect with people at all levels and in all walks of life is so powerful. She has a talent for meeting an audience or group where they are and facilitating awareness, growth, and actionable steps toward improvement and happiness. Having been a Teacher, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent – my favorite thing about Kim is that she speaks to, unifies and uplifts everyone. At the end of the day, if we aren’t a unified team – we aren’t going to be what our students, families or organizations need. She carefully weaves research, specific strategies, action steps, and inspiration into her work and leaves audiences with a renewed focus and energy.

Gina Biever
Asst Superintendent

Kim is the real deal and a joy to work with! She brings lots of excitement, energy and has great educational substance to her presentations. Our Summit attendees really enjoyed her sessions. One of our attendees left the following comment in regard to Kim’s session: “Absolutely Amazing!!! Every emotion was invoked! I’m inspired to continue in this educational journey.

Kevin Stewart
Accutrain Innovative Schools Summit

We were so excited to bring Kim Strobel to our district, and her Science of Happiness Keynote did not disappoint! Having someone who is fun, enthusiastic, authentic, and able to promote the importance of the social and emotional needs of our staff and students was the best way to start the school year. Numerous teachers have asked to be a part of her Happiness Academy, and we can’t wait to get started!


Jayme D. Knochel
Assistant Superintendent, Breckinridge County Schools

As a superintendent, I had the privilege of having Kim speak at my school and have also worked with members of her team. They are all phenomenal. Kim is a great presenter obviously, but she also is a learner and a change agent. P.S. – I can’t wait to read her book on happiness habits for teachers!

Mary Roberson

Kim Strobel has the unique ability to embolden her audience. She is raw, real, and pivots the crowd to take massive action in their life. She breathes life into the weariness and encourages new perspectives which result in impact shifts. She is a powerhouse, influencer, education consultant, and happiness coach, whose work shapes the way people show up.

Kellie Lahey
Google Education Summit

Kim Strobel is the “happiness coach” and so much more! Her recent presentation to the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals challenged all 2200 participants collectively, but also, individually. Kim uses a blend of humor and sorrow as she lays out her personal journey and pearls of wisdom along the way.

Dr. John Sherrill
Archer City High School, Principal

I am a high school teacher at Brownstown Central. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your keynote presentation on our teacher day! I also wanted to tell you that I can hear in your voice how much you truly miss teaching children every day and changing their lives. However, I wanted you to know that you ARE touching even MORE children’s lives by inspiring teachers! Your influence literally grows exponentially! THANK YOU for what you do! And thank you for what you have done for me and my perspective about my teaching career!

Stephanie Hackman
Teacher, Brownstown Community Schools

I heard Kim give a Keynote to a group of educators (adult education) on happiness. She is knowledgeable, high energy and engaging in her presentation. Kim delivered one of the best keynote addresses I have ever heard.

Loretta Wheeler
School Psychologist

Kim is an excellent speaker and she knows her stuff. She is one of the most motivating, engaging, and approachable public speakers I have encountered in my teaching career. I’ve had the privilege to hear her speak last autumn in Texas, and again this summer in Las Vegas. Thank you for helping me light my spark again!

Erin Backer


Kristie is an amazing coach. She was an excellent guide to get us where we need to be.

Christin Eberhard
Evansville Schools

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to get a full day of PD, but having Kim coach us throughout the school year allowed me to truly implement and feel supported as I tried new teaching strategies.

Seymour Schools

I am leaving this training with some amazing strategies and resources that I will be able to take back and implement in my classroom ASAP! But even more than that, I also enjoyed her positivity and overall energy for the content. I feel invigorated to re-enter my classroom.

T. English

Happy Academy

Purchasing the Teach Happy Academy for our district was a big decision, but we felt employee wellbeing was a priority. Having someone who is fun, enthusiastic, authentic, and able to promote the importance of our staff and students’ social and emotional needs was the best way to support a positive climate and culture.

Jayme D. Knochel
Assistant Superintendent, Breckinridge County Schools

Before the Teach Happy Academy, I felt like I had lost my passion for teaching, especially in a COVID world. Fast-forward 7 months and I have seen and felt a HUGE personal transformation brought about by Kim’s videos, workbooks, and coaching calls. After implementing [these] strategies and concepts, I am not only more positive and present at home, but I am also reaching my students in deeper and more genuine ways at school. If this program can help you achieve positivity and resiliency during a global pandemic, what can’t it do?!?

Caitlin Jennings

About Kim

I was excited to see how giving students the power to do Genius Hour makes them more engaged and enthusiastic about learning. You helped me to see how this is possible in my classroom.

Colleen Jackson
Cedar Canyon School, Fort Wayne, IN

Every time I talk with Kim, I learn something new. Her drive, work ethic, and true passion for bringing the best possible educational experiences to students are an inspiration. Kim understands that building relationships comes first, and with that foundation, the sky is the limit for students and teachers!

Dr. Tara Bishop
Assistant Superintendent, Perry Central Community Schools

The buzz sweeping the education world about Kim Strobel is real. And, it’s no surprise that teachers and administrators are lining up to see her presentations. Simply put, she’s absolutely fantastic. Not only is she a thought leader and expert in her field, but more than that, she’s deeply passionate about helping teachers make a lifelong difference in the lives of students.

Hal Bowman
Founder/Creator, Teach Like a Rockstar

I feel like I’ve been ‘given permission’ to step away from the rigid demands of the curriculum timeline and veer off to do projects to make kids learn how to be productive citizens.

Jamie Bozeman
Stringtown Elementary School, Evansville, IN

Kim’s depth of knowledge regarding best practices has aided our teachers in working through this transition. Her ability to facilitate organization and collaboration among participants fully engages teachers in developing and ‘owning’ their own work.

Dr. Tracy Lorey
Superintendent, Greater Jasper Schools

Strobel Ed always delivers! They give great ideas and show practical examples that I can implement immediately. I left with a solid plan that included next steps.

C. Dallinger
Elementary Teacher

The Strobel Education Team provides PD like no other. In my 32 years of teaching, this is by far the best training we’ve ever had.

R. Ferguson
Assistant Superintendent

I attended one of your Genius Hour sessions … and LOVED it! I have been using this strategy with two of my behavior problem students each week, and I have seen them light up and fall in love with learning.

Kelly Roth
Assistant Principal, North Dearborn Elementary School High Ability Student Services Coordinator, Sunman-Dearborn Community School Corporation

Kim is an expert in her field, fiercely energetic, very well-spoken and above all, she truly understands what it’s like to be a teacher. She’s real and authentic and can turn an ordinary teacher training day into a very fun and well-spent collaboration where knowledge is gained by everyone involved.

Angel Zollars
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Washington Middle School

Genius Hour has brought that spark of learning back to my classroom! Students are sincerely enthused to come to class on Genius Hour work days. It is magical seeing students passionate about helping others and learning about themselves while still secretly incorporating my English 10 curriculum.

Abby Kennedy
ELA Teacher, Jasper High School

Genius Hour motivates and encourages students to think outside the box while exploring their greatest passions. My classroom has transformed into a student-driven classroom with high expectations. Genius Hour supports learners of all levels and allows students to explore their true talents. Engagement is at an all time high, and students are excelling like never before!

Whitney Litherland
5th Grade teacher, William Tell Elementary

You are honest, enthusiastic and your optimism is authentic, not phony.

Kristi Wetzel
Memorial High School, Evansville, IN

Kim Strobel is a dedicated educator who understands what teachers need. Her magnetic personality and genuine presentation style captivate audiences everywhere she goes. Her enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll love her!

James M. Halik
Ph.D., Former Superintendent, Compass-Keynote Consulting, LLC

Kim can set our profession on its ear! She is a positive voice that educators need RIGHT NOW!

Leah Stinson
Hagerstown Elementary School, Hagerstown, IN

Your energy, joy, and kindness are simply fabulous and the topic was transformative.

Kimberly Massoud
Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, Indianapolis, IN

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