Happiness Habits


Happiness Habits

The 5 Secrets Successful People Know

Does success lead to happiness? Or does happiness lead to success?

For far too long, people have assumed that if only they earned that promotion … had more money … bought the big house, that they would experience true happiness.

But decades of research is proving that theory wrong. Happiness researcher, author, and speaker Shawn Achor has worked extensively in the field of positive psychology and his discoveries have shown that we’ve had it backwards all along. Happiness fuels success!

Achor found that a positive brain simply functions better—it’s more engaged, creative, motivated, and productive. He found that this translated to the workplace with a 37% increase in sales; 31% increase in productivity; and 19% improved accuracy on tasks. He also saw a marked improvement in a person’s health and quality of life.

These are outcomes that any company or school should want to see for their employees. And while creating real happiness begins with the individual, those in leadership positions can assist in the process by promoting initiatives that foster a culture of happiness and positive well-being.

In this keynote, I’ll share 5 key steps that anyone can take to increase their happiness levels. These “happiness habits” will help individuals understand and overcome their stresses and work toward a shift in both mindset and behavior.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to raise positivity in your professional and personal life
  • How to create a positive and engaged workforce
  • The benefits of meaningful social connections
  • A gratitude practice that can rewire the brain for greater optimism
  • A 2-minute meditation activity that combats the negative effects of multitasking
  • The importance of Conscious Acts of Kindness
  • Why movement and play are necessary for success
  • The 4 States of Living
  • How to incorporate happiness habits into even the busiest schedule

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