The Flipped Classroom

Embrace Active Learning with 'The Flipped Classroom' - A Revolutionary Way to Teach

Persisting with traditional lecture-focused methods could lead to disinterested students not fully grasping the subject and falling behind. Strobel Education can assist you in evolving your teaching style, ensuring student engagement, comprehension, and overall academic progress.

Teachers fail to...

With the Flipped Classroom you can...

Available Offerings

Explore our diverse array of professional development offerings, each uniquely designed to enhance your teaching strategies, invigorate your classroom dynamics, and spark transformative growth in student learning and engagement.

Teacher Workshop

On-Site Training

2-Day Workshop

Jun 25 & 26

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST


On-Site Training

Learn how this instruction method shakes up traditional teaching and increases student engagement. Discover how to use multimodel assignments to enhance student learning.

Benefits of Strobel's Flipped Classroom Offerings

Transformative Learning

Our professional development offerings drive meaningful changes in teaching practices, leading to an improved learning environment.

Expert Guidance

Receive guidance from highly-skilled educators with years of practical classroom and consulting experience.

Practical Application

Leverage our digital resource bundle and practical resources to streamline your teaching efforts. Utilize these tools for actionable strategies and to garner professional development hours.

How To Begin...

Step 1: Choose

 Review our diverse array of professional development offerings to find one that aligns with your and your school’s goals. We offer a workshop and on-site training focused on The Flipped Classroom methodology.

Step 2: Learn

 Having selected the suitable professional development offering, commence on a transformative learning journey with Strobel Education’s expert speakers and instructors. Our experts are eager to share their comprehensive knowledge, practical insights, and effective strategies concerning the Flipped Classroom approach.

Step 3: Implement

With the knowledge and strategies gained from our professional development programs, implement what you’ve learned in your classroom. Experience the transformative impact of The Flipped Classroom approach as it creates a more interactive, student-centered learning environment and boosts student engagement.

Feeling uncertain about where to start? Don’t worry! We are here to provide all the help you need. Get in touch with us and let’s navigate this journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The Flipped Classroom model is an instructional approach where traditional teaching methods are reversed. Students first learn new concepts online, usually at home, and then apply these concepts to projects and further learning in the classroom.

In a Flipped Classroom, students gain more control over their learning, often resulting in improved understanding and retention. This learning method enables more one-on-one time with teachers, fosters active learning, promotes peer interaction, and allows for differentiated instruction.

 Switching to a Flipped Classroom begins with considering which parts of your instruction can become homework and which parts can be turned into in-class active-learning experiences. Online materials such as videos and slide presentations can replace traditional lectures. Then, use class time for discussion, collaboration, and guided practice.

Most Flipped Classrooms leverage digital technology. A common tool is an online learning management system where teachers can post videos and other resources for students to access at home. However, the essential element of a Flipped Classroom isn’t the tech—it’s the shift towards student-centered, active learning.

 The Flipped Classroom fosters a collaborative learning environment. By moving instruction out of the class—making it homework—class time is freed for interactive activities. This could include group projects, peer tutoring, or problem-solving tasks, all of which stimulate student collaboration and interaction.

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