Trauma-Informed Practices

Understand and Address Trauma with Trauma-Informed Practices

Without understanding and addressing trauma, student growth may be compromised and teaching efficacy reduced. Strobel Education can aid you in understanding trauma, equipping you to support affected students, thus enhancing their academic and personal development.

It can be difficult to...

With Trauma-Informed Practices teachers can...

Available Offerings

Explore our diverse array of professional development offerings, each uniquely designed to enhance your teaching strategies, invigorate your classroom dynamics, and spark transformative growth in student learning and engagement.

Teacher Workshop

On-Site Training

Learn about how traumatic experiences affect learning and how to design instruction to serve our most vulnerable students.

Online Course

Benefits of Strobel's Trauma-Informed Practices Offerings

Transformative Learning

Our professional development offerings drive meaningful changes in teaching practices, leading to an improved learning environment.

Expert Guidance

Receive guidance from highly-skilled educators with years of practical classroom and consulting experience.

Practical Application

Leverage our digital resource bundle and practical resources to streamline your teaching efforts. Utilize these tools for actionable strategies and to garner professional development hours.

How To Begin...

Step 1: Choose

Explore our wide array of professional development services to find one that aligns with your and your school’s needs. We provide an online course, workshop, and on-site training that focus on incorporating Trauma-Informed Practices in education.

Step 2: Learn

 Once you’ve chosen a professional development offering that addresses your needs, delve into a rich learning experience with Strobel Education’s highly skilled speakers and instructors. Our experts stand ready to share their in-depth understanding, practical insights, and actionable strategies in the implementation of Trauma-Informed Practices.

Step 3: Implement

After acquiring insightful knowledge and strategies through our professional development programs, translate what you’ve learned into your classroom practices. Experience the transformative potential of Trauma-Informed Practices as it fosters a supportive learning environment, promoting student wellness and improved academic achievement.

Feeling uncertain about where to start? Don’t worry! We are here to provide all the help you need. Get in touch with us and let’s navigate this journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trauma-Informed Practices involve understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma by creating a safe and supportive environment in classrooms where the needs of trauma-affected students are addressed.

Trauma can affect a child’s cognitive function, behavior, and emotional regulation, which can impact their ability to learn, engage in class, and form healthy social relationships.

 Trauma-Informed Practices help create such environments by ensuring the classroom is a safe space, educating students about empathy and resilience, tailoring teaching methods to be trauma-sensitive, and promoting open communication.

The practices equip educators with the necessary understanding and tools to handle trauma-affected students more effectively. This increases teaching efficacy, fosters better student-teacher relationships, and enhances overall student success.

Absolutely. These practices are meant to be integrated with other teaching strategies and cater to a balanced approach between academics, and the social and emotional well-being of students.

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