The Flipped Classroom Workshop:

Integrating Technology for Active Learning

2 Full Days Workshop:
June 19 & 20, 2023: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM CST
15 Continuing Education Credit Hours

Traditional teacher-led instruction no longer works. Ready to evolve your teaching style to engage students and promote active learning? 

Learning is not a one-size fits all model! It is time to move away from the traditional broadcast model of teaching and instead implement an active, student-centered model. The Flipped Classroom model is an innovative, engaging, and skill-based instructional model that gives students the lead!

By flipping the classroom, you will transfer the ownership of learning to your students. This workshop will empower you to bravely move away from traditional lecture and explore inquiry based learning as your daily mode of teaching. 


Full Day Workshop - June 19 & 20, 2023 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST

It's time for learning to be more flexible, effective, active, and student-centered. 

Students can learn at their own pace.

When a student falls behind, they often stay behind while the rest of the class continues with the lecture. The Flipped Classroom model presents lectures to students whenever they want/need to access them, allowing them to remain stress-free as they continue learning at their own pace.

Student frustration levels lower.

With the traditional model, students who did not understand the lecture fully would get frustrated when doing their homework at home, resulting in incomplete work. This new model allows the students to ask questions in classroom, reducing frustration levels, and ensuring an increased rate of work completion. 

Students engage more with peers.

Class time can be used to engage in valuable discussion. This increases concept engagement, teamwork skills, and peer understanding.

Lessons can be more personalized.

Each student learns in slightly different way and at a slightly different pace. Using the Flipped model, educators are freed up to personalize content for different levels and abilities. 

In this full-day virtual live workshop, you and your staff will learn:

Understand the Concepts for a Flipped Classroom

We'll cover the pedagogical purpose, components, and learned outcomes of the flipped classroom model.

Instructional Strategies and Teaching Models

You'll experience a variety of scaffolded, cross-curriculum, and various grade-level lessons used in a Flipped Classroom.

How to implement and maximize the provided Flipped resources

We'll step you through our Flipped Classroom resources and give you practical ways to implement the provided lessons, activities, and videos in your instruction.

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Here's what's included in this workshop:

Modeled Mini-Lessons

We model how to teach the mini-lessons and how to differentiate them for elementary and secondary students.

Digital Resource Bundle

Get access to digital anchor charts, videos, printables, blueprints, activities, and more.

Professional Development Credit

Meet your PD requirements while learning how the Flipped Classroom can promote both academic and personal student success.

Live Chat Support From Dr. Robin Burr

Join the interactive experience and get live feedback and answers to your questions throughout the training.

7 Days of Replay Access

Can’t attend the workshop live? Watch the replay at a later time and still receive all the fabulous resources inside this workshop.

The Flipped Classroom Workshop Schedule


9:00-10:45 Session 1:

Relevant Research for the Flipped Classroom

11:00-12:30 Session 2:

Defining the
Flipped Classroom

12:30-1:00: LUNCH BREAK

1:00-2:45 Session 3:

Planning for the Flipped Classroom

3:00-4:00 Session 4:

Constructing the Flipped Classroom


9:00-10:45 Session 1:

Teaching in the Flipped Classroom

11:00-12:30 Session 2:

Assessment in the Flipped Classroom

12:30-1:00: LUNCH BREAK

1:00-2:45 Session 3:

Experience the Flipped Classroom

3:00-5:00 Session 4:

Reflection and


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1-9 Participants


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$278 after June 1st
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Our Flipped Classroom training puts the tools, resources, and strategies in your hands so you can confidently implement this model immediately. 

Traditional teaching methods leave students bored and unable to engage with their content in a way that makes sense to how their brains work and interact with content.

In the Flipped Model, students learn to thrive and explore in a way that is informed by their interests, student data, and innovative instructional research that is relevant to your content and keeps students engaged.

Meet your workshop instructor:

Meet Dr. Robin Burr

Dr. Burr is a mom of twins, and they are 30 years old. Dr. Burr and her husband are both veterans of the Army. She is married to Sam Burr, and they have been together for over 33 years.

She is currently a consultant for National Math and Science with a
focus on middle school and elementary. She has taught for 25 years with most of her time at the elementary level. She has received several awards for her unique approach to individualized instruction that has shown successful growth with marginalized students.

She is currently completing my doctoral degree in curriculum design. Her dissertation is focused on the marginalization of children in rural and inner-city children. She is a math recovery specialist, a certified National Geographic teacher with focus on informational reading,

She has her master’s degree in educational leadership, a master’s degree in elementary education, a member of Hope Street Group, and a teacher leader in NEA.

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Our Flipped Classroom Workshop is for:

  • Elementary Teachers
  • Secondary Teachers
  • Specialists
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Curriculum Coordinators

Imagine a classroom where students feel interested in the content and engage in meaningful ways.

Let’s rethink the traditional classroom to one that is student-centered to get results

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You will receive a certificate of attendance two weeks following the event. If you did not receive your certificate, please contact [email protected]

Do I have to attend live?

While it's great to attend live to get any questions you may have answered, you will have access to the training for 30 days.

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