5 Tips for When Times Are Tough

When times are tough, we want to do things that make us feel better or to simply try to survive. 

But instead we put our head to the grindstone, work longer hours, and eat unhealthy foods thinking this will help us make it through. But in reality those are all the wrong things and it ends up leaving us feeling depleted, frustrated, and irritable. 

But what we don’t know is that this is not the formula for succeeding in life. And who wants to just “make it through” anyways?

 As a happiness coach, I know there are better, more evidence-based ways to cope with stress and the changing times. And I also know that with the right strategies and information, we can shift ourselves in a positive direction regardless of our current circumstances.  This is exactly what I teach in the virtual happiness and well-being keynotes I’ve been doing for schools this month. 

But I want to give you the Quick 5 right now.

Tip 1: Exercise:

Exercise is a way to bump up our wellbeing. One study showed that 30 min of cardio every morning was the equivalent of taking Zoloft. The problem is that we don’t always think of exercise as a coping skill. We know it’s good for our body and for our fitness, but we forget it’s the thing we should turn to when we are having a crappy day. I like to run, hike, and do yoga.

Tip 2: Gratitude:

Happy people tend to focus on the good things in life. Research provides we can retrain our brain to see more good in our lives in just a 21 day practice. 

Tip 3: Sleep:

Positive sleep habits. I know…these are hard to come by when you have so much to do, but in the end, it really does help you be more productive during your work day. Get rid of technology right before bed and set your phone to “Do Not Disturb”.

Tip 4: Get Social:

Happy people prioritize time with family and friends. And even though this pandemic is making it harder, there are creative solutions to this. Do things in small numbers or set up a zoom meeting with family and friends. 

Tip 5: Feel Your Feelings.

When times are tough we want to run away from heavy emotions and instead grab some Hostess cupcakes. But if you don’t allow your feelings to surface, they turn into DIS-EASE. You are allowed to feel all the heavy emotions right now. Give yourself some grace. 

It’s hard to be your best when you get lost in the emotional fray of life. Let my virtual happiness and well-being keynotes create extraordinary results through organizational wellness and employee happiness.

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