Gratitude Must Become a Practice

Incorporating Gratitude Activities in the Classroom

My first blog post about “gratitude in the classroom” has produced a lot of feedback! I’ve heard from so many of you—you’re sharing ideas, asking questions, and totally getting why gratitude is such an important practice in the classroom.

I’m loving what I’m seeing!

In that first post, I talked about gratitude journals and how they’re an awesome activity for getting students to think about gratitude on a daily basis—and an excellent way to get the whole class involved and interacting.

But journals aren’t the only way to practice gratitude in the classroom. There are sooo many others!

In her article “Gratitude Activities for the Classroom,” Vicki Zakrzewski of the Greater Good Science Center offers more than a dozen easy-to-implement activities that your students will love.

Classroom gratitude book, gratitude collage or bulletin board, gratitude letters for the community—these are just a few of her amazing ideas. Check out the article for more ideas you may or may not have heard of!

STAY TUNED & IN TOUCH: There’s more gratitude to come—check back into the blog over the coming months (or subscribe to my newsletter for post notifications) to read more in this series of gratitude posts! 

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