Happiness at Work for Educators

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I’ve had so many meetings in the last month with superintendents and administrators around the country who are struggling to maintain their pre-COVID school vision, while also learning to navigate the path of uncertainty. 

One thing that happens to all of us at times is we get frozen. We feel so much anxiety and worry about the future of our schools and students. At times, this stress renders us unable to make any moves. It’s only natural. 

But, I don’t believe that’s the right response. We don’t want to lose all of the progress we have worked so hard for over the last few years.  

One of the things I teach school leaders is that we have to keep moving the needle forward. Yes, we have to pivot and honor the fact that there are so many moving pieces right now, but it’s up to us as leaders to maintain the vision we had for our schools before everything changed. 

Our teachers and employees will be looking to us to navigate these changes with confidence and positivity. Remember, you are a leader for a reason!

I’m putting together a happiness and wellness-focused program designed for educators and students going into the new school year. It contains a 60-minute keynote to kickstart the year with the right mindset. Each month, teachers will also get access to The Happiness Academy, which is a video library where I teach short little videos on topics such as positive mindsets, self-care, anxiety, stress, and more. Teeny, tiny habits that make big differences!

There are nine overarching themes in The Happiness Academy. Our team here at Strobel Ed will walk educators through the school year with eight group coaching calls to keep them fired-up, motivated, and accountable. We will also show your teachers how to teach these Social and Emotional Learning lessons to their students!

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