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Have you ever had this dream to do something that feels completely out of reach? I think they call that a “pipe dream.”

For me, it was writing a book.

I decided 10 years ago to add that to my vision board and make it an actual goal, and it’s really hard for me to believe that it’s coming to fruition in the next few weeks.

As I wrap up the “pre-launch” phase of the book, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on all it took to get here. I’m also feeling really proud of what the book represents. It really feels like a “book child” that I’m preparing to release from the nest.

I’ve been nurturing it, loving it, and preparing it for you. No kidding – you, have been in my mind the entire time. From start to finish.

It’s intended to change the lives of teachers. Not in like a rah-rah, woo-woo kind of way. In a real, tangible, gritty, get down and dirty to make your life happier again kind of way.

It’s full of science and strategies to take you from feeling spread thin and completely burnt out to feeling lighter and hopeful.

It just feels right to bring you along in the final step of the process, too, since it was literally written for you. So, I would love your feedback on which book cover speaks the most to you.

Book covers of "Teach Happy"

Remember, it’s not all fluffy inside. It’s science and strategy-based, and the goal is to let teachers know that they don’t have to feel overworked and overwhelmed.

There is happy at the end of the tunnel.

**Shoot me a quick reply with the number that correlates to the cover that speaks most to you. (Literally, the email can just be a number.)**

I cannot wait to get this into your hands, and to continue supporting you.


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