Teacher Appreciation Week is Coming Up!

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I know teachers, school leaders, and all those who work in schools can feel invisible as they strive to help students succeed every day.

Let’s be honest. This profession is overwhelming and exhausting, and it leaves us ridiculed with the guilt of all of our work never being enough—never enough for the students, never enough for our own families, never enough for ourselves!

That’s why I wrote Teach Happy: Small Steps to Big Joy. I wanted to provide a blueprint for others that shows the exact steps I’ve used in my own life to reclaim some happiness, peace, and ease as I try my best to live a life that feels good from the inside out.

It’s also why I want this book in every educator’s hands.

Kim Strobel holding the "Teach Happy" book.

We’ve had several schools reach out and purchase bulk-order copies of Teach Happy to give to their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, which is coming up! On our website, you can scroll down the Teach Happy page and see a Study Guide for creating a school-wide Teach Happy initiative.

The normal price is $23.95, but for orders of 10 or more, you can get them for $15.00 each!

Please feel free to just reply to this email if you’re interested. It does take about 10-14 days for the books to arrive, so don’t hesitate.

I want all teachers to reconsider their lives regarding this profession and learn where they can regain their power!


I care about you!

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