The Mental Load is Heavy

Mental load leads teacher to contemplate.


The mental load you carry as a teacher is heavy. You have approximately 5 million things going on in your head throughout the day, and you still manage to teach incredible lessons, keep your kids on schedule, and connect with them on a personal level.

By the way, the research says a teacher makes 1500 decisions a day!

That’s pretty incredible.

Then you go home, and you carry a heavy mental load there, too. (Studies show that women and mothers carry the brunt of it, but I’m sure dads carry their own portion of it, too.)

Think about all the little things you do around the house to keep your life and your family’s lives running smoothly. That’s the mental load I’m talking about.

  • The three hundred lists you have in your head right now.
  • Keeping track of when the laundry detergent is running low
  • What groceries you need for the meals you planned for next week
  • What bills need to be paid
  • What maintenance needs scheduling
  • All the medical appointments coming up
  • Every single thing that needs to be lined up for your upcoming vacation.


Mental load - Tired of using brain GIF

You do it all and this weekend it’s time to set it down for a day or two.

I implore you to use this weekend to rest. Everything will be there when Monday rolls around, but you deserve to put yourself first this weekend.

Maybe you celebrate Mother’s Day and maybe you don’t. But either way, you should celebrate yourself on this end cap of teacher appreciation week.

Do something kind for yourself this weekend. It’s not selfish. It’s life-giving, and it will fill you up in the way you need to be able to pour into the people you love.

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day and a very, very Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Cheering you on always!

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