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The Happy Academy

Social and Emotional Well-Being for Educators and Students


The problem is clear...

  • 75% of teachers and 84% of school leaders report high levels of stress. 
  • 84% of teachers reported that work-life imbalance was affecting their ability to teach.
  • 49% believe their workplace is having a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing. 

This is why we created The Happy Academy, and guess what? 

We’ve Done The Work For You!

Authentic PD

Professional and Personal Development. We give educators real life skills to manage stress, develop meaningful relationships, and create more joy in their lives.

Happiness Lab Lessons

Over 50 social and emotional ready-made lessons on-demand, and all at your disposal. 

Learn At Your
Own Pace

This program is specifically designed for you to do as much or as little as you want. 

Social and Emotional Learning for Teachers and Students

We have packed this program full of SEL Curriculum, but the choice is yours on how you wish to utilize it.
By using our extensive video library, let Kim virtually step into your classroom and deliver this powerful message herself. Or, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, take the reins and use the lesson plans, workbooks, videos and group coaching calls provided as a guide for you in your classroom.

The choice is yours!



You missed out!

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Here's What's Included

  • Virtual Keynote Kickoff
  • Direct and  Group Coaching Calls 
  • Mini-Lessons and Activities for Students
  • Ready-Made Lesson Plans
  • Extensive  Video Library
  • Digital and Printable Workbooks 
  • Accountability Check-Ins

The best part? Each Module takes less than 40 minutes per month, so there is no reason to feel stressed or overwhelmed! 

We provide your team with everything needed to succeed.


"Kim’s passion for and knowledge of the happiness/success link shines through her powerful message! She uses personal stories and current research to remind audiences of their personal 'why' and empowers them to use their inner fortitude to make success happen in the workplace."

— Dr. Tracy Lorey, Superintendent, Greater Jasper Schools


The Course: Here's What You'll Learn

9 Modules Across 10 Months 

Month 1 Workbook

Creating More

Module 1
Happiness Fuels Success

Lesson 1: Why Happiness Matters

Lesson 2: What Makes Us Happy

Lesson 3: The Happiness Research

Month 2 Workbook

Self Care

Module 2
Practicing Self-Care

Lesson 1: Practicing Self Care
Lesson 2: Know Your Value

Month 3 Workbook

Curating Exceptional

Module 3
Curating Exceptional Relationships

Lesson 1: Curating Relationships
Lesson 2: Marriage and Partnerships
Lesson 3: Engaging in Quality Time
Lesson 4: Practicing the Love Languages

Month 4 Workbook


Month 4
Choosing Gratitude: Journey to JOY

Lesson 1: The Gratitude Research

Lesson 2: Shifting Negative Thoughts

Lesson 3: Implementing Gratitude Practice

Month 5 Workbook


Module 5
Managing Stress

Lesson 1: Anxiety and Your Brain
Lesson 2: The Practice of Meditation Part 1
Lesson 3: The Practice of Meditation Part 2

Month 6 Workbook

Creating Healthy

Module 6
Creating Healthy Habits

Lesson 1: Developing Healthy Habits
Lesson 2: Mindful Eating Part 1
Lesson 3: Mindful Eating Part 2
Lesson 4: An Environment for Success
Lesson 5: Healthy Habits as Self Care

Month 7 Workbook

Shifting Your
Inner Critic

Module 7
Shifting Your Inner Critic

Lesson 1: Release Your Perfectionism
Lesson 2: Practicing Self Compassion
Lesson 3: Shifting Your Inner Critic

Month 8 Workbook

Mastering Your

Module 8
Mastering Your Mindset

Lesson 1: Inside the Mindsets
Lesson 2: The Power of Beliefs
Lesson 3: Thoughts, Emotions, & Behaviors
Lesson 4: The Hierarchy of Change
Lesson 5: How to Change Our Mindset

Month 9 Workbook

Making the
Big Leap

Module 9

Making the Big Leap

Lesson 1: The Upper Limit Problem
Lesson 2: Understanding the 4 Zones
Lesson 3: Breaking Through the 4 Barriers
Lesson 4: Be An Action Taker
Lesson 5: Find Your Courage

Give Your Team the Crucial Support They Need


Join the waitlist to get more information or schedule a call with Kim to discuss pricing options.


It's Time to Start Prioritizing Your Social and Emotional Well-Being

The Happiness Coach is here to help! Educators will walk away from The Happy Academy with:

  • A better understanding of what and who truly makes them happy.
  • Clear strategies for implementing a Growth Mindset and how to avoid a Fixed Mindset.  
  • Insight into their unique style of play, and what that means.  
  • Ways they can incorporate compassion and gratitude into their lives. 
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"Kim's contagious energy and her ability to be real, raw, and vulnerable is exactly what we needed as a staff of educators. It's so hard to find time to really connect, but with Kim's trainings we are all a better version of ourselves and our school is a better place to be."

— Alison Darling, Seymour Schools


Two Ways to Bring Happiness to Teachers

Individual Pricing

as low as

$99.70 /mth

*Paid Annually

  • Access to The Happy Academy Library
  • Access to the Full Happiness Lab Student Curriculum
  • 8 Group Coaching Calls
  •  Individuals Pay Online and Gain Instant Access
Group Pricing

as low as

$41.66 per seat

  • Access to The Happy Academy Library
  • Access to the Full Happiness Lab Student Curriculum
  • 8 Group Coaching Calls
  •  Each group or campus gets 120 seats for 10 full months

Group coaching calls may be divided between schools.
Prices may vary based on number of licenses needed.

What Do Educators Say?

Stacy Smulowitz, Ph.D. Educator

Assistant Professor

Before taking Kim’s program, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed. Within the first several weeks of Kim’s class, I learned strategies to overcome these feelings. As a result, I’m a better mom, wife, daughter, and coworker because I’m better able to handle all that life throws at me. Kim is an inspiration. Every woman needs to take her class. It’s worth every penny!

Allison Darling Educator

High School Teacher

I joined Kim's Happy Academy because I felt depleted in my job and as a wife and mother. Because of what I learned in this program, I have launched my other passion, my photography business, and I have the confidence to go after more of what I want in life. I loved the group coaching calls and always left them feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.

Melissa Gill Educator

Assistant Principal

Our corporation joined the Happiness Academy, and it has been absolutely amazing! Our teachers love the monthly lessons that give them the motivation to keep going each day. Having a focus on self-care for our teachers is making a huge difference in our culture and climate.

Caitlyn Jennings Educator

Reaching Students in Deeper, Genuine Ways

Before the Happiness Academy, I felt like I had lost my passion for teaching, especially in a COVID world. Fast forward 7 months and I have seen and felt a HUGE personal transformation brought about by Kim's videos, workbooks, and coaching calls. Her delivery is succinct, engaging, and impactful! After implementing strategies and concepts I learned here, I am not only more positive and present at home, but I am also reaching my students in deeper and more genuine ways at school. If this program can help you achieve positivity and resiliency during a global pandemic, what can't it do?!?"

Jayme D. Knochel Promote the SEL Needs of Staff and Students

Assistant Superintendent

Purchasing The Happy Academy for our district was a big decision, but we felt employee wellbeing was a priority. Having someone who is fun, enthusiastic, authentic, and able to promote the importance of our staff and students' social and emotional needs was the best way to support a positive climate and culture.

Val Francis Educator

5th Grade Teacher

Taking the leap to join The Happy Academy has been life-changing for me. Spending money on my kids is easy, but I struggle to spend it on myself. I am so glad I decided to invest in myself because Kim’s program has changed me as a mother, wife, and teacher. I have learned that making my well-being a priority makes me a better "me" for myself and those I love. Kim has helped me realize that I am allowed to let my light shine and be happy with who I am.

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