The Happy Academy

Social and Emotional Well-Being for Educators and Students


The problem is clear...

  • 75% of teachers and 84% of school leaders report high levels of stress. 
  • 85% of teachers reported that work-life imbalance was affecting their ability to teach. 
  • 49% believe their workplace is having a negative impact on their mental health and well-being. 
  • 50% of teachers have contemplated leaving the profession. 

This is why we've created The Happy Academy.


Ten months of support for teachers and students.

  1. Virtual Keynote Kickoff
  2. Group Coaching Calls
  3. Full SEL Curriculum

Here's What's Included

  • Virtual Keynote Kickoff
  • Flexible Group Coaching Calls to Strategize, Plan, Teach, & Implement
  • Happiness Lab Mini-Lessons for Students
  • Happiness Lab Student Activities 
  • Happiness Lab Lesson Plans
  • Access to The Happy Academy Video Library
  • Digital Workbooks 
  • Printable Workbooks 
  • Accountability Check-Ins
  • Direct Coaching

"Kim’s passion for and knowledge of the happiness/success link shines through her powerful message! She uses personal stories and current research to remind audiences of their personal 'why' and empowers them to use their inner fortitude to make success happen in the workplace."

— Dr. Tracy Lorey, Superintendent, Greater Jasper Schools


The Course: Here's What You'll Learn

These lessons are designed to help teachers and students be the best they can be. The Happy Academy gives educators real life skills to manage stress, develop meaningful relationships, and create more joy in their lives. 

Month 1 Workbook

Creating More

Month 1: Creating More Happiness
Lesson 1: Why Happiness is Important?
Lesson 2: What Really Makes Us Happy?

Month 2 Workbook

Self Care

Month 2: Practicing Self Care
Lesson 1: You Are Not Selfish
Lesson 2: Self-Love

Month 3 Workbook

Curating Exceptional

Month 3: Curating Exceptional Relationships
Lesson 1: Creating Exceptional Relationships
Lesson 2: Social Connections

Month 4 Workbook


Month 4: Practicing Gratitude
Lesson 1: The Research Around Gratitude
Lesson 2: Wired for Abundance

Month 5 Workbook


Month 5: Managing Stress
Lesson 1: Anxiety and the Brain
Lesson 2: Strategies for Rewiring the Brain

Month 6 Workbook

Creating Healthy

Month 6: Creating Healthy Habits
Lesson 1: Move Your Body
Lesson 2: You Need a System

Month 7 Workbook

Shifting Your
Inner Critic

Month 7: Shifting Your Inner Critic
Lesson 1: Release Perfectionism
Lesson 2: Practicing Self-Compassion

Month 8 Workbook

Mastering Your

Month 8: Mastering Your Mindset
Lesson 1: Inside the Mindsets
Lesson 2: The Power of Beliefs

Month 9 Workbook

Making the
Big Leap

Month 9: Making the Big Leap
Lesson 1: Guarding Joy
Lesson 2: The Upper Limit Problem

Month 10 Workbook

Creativity, Play, &

Month 10: Creativity, Play, and Rejuvenation
Lesson 1: Understanding Intelligence
Lesson 2: Discover Your Play Personality

Give Your Team the Crucial Support They Need


It's Time to Start Prioritizing Your Social and Emotional Well-Being

The Happiness Coach is here to help! Educators will walk away from The Happy Academy with:

  • A better understanding of what and who truly makes them happy.
  • Clear strategies for implementing a Growth Mindset and how to avoid a Fixed Mindset.  
  • Insight into their unique style of play, and what that means.  
  • Ways they can incorporate compassion and gratitude into their lives. 
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"Kim's contagious energy and her ability to be real, raw, and vulnerable is exactly what we needed as a staff of educators. It's so hard to find time to really connect, but with Kim's trainings we are all a better version of ourselves and our school is a better place to be."

— Alison Darling, Seymour Schools


Four Ways to Bring Happiness to Teachers

Level 1


Select one

  • Access to The Happy Academy Library
  • OR 
  • Access to the Full Happiness Lab Student Curriculum


  • Virtual Keynote
  • Access to The Happy Academy Library
  • Access to the Full Happiness Lab Student Curriculum


  • Virtual Keynote
  • Access to The Happy Academy Library
  • Access to the Full Happiness Lab Student Curriculum
  • 8 Group Coaching Calls 

Group coaching calls may be divided between schools.
Prices may vary based on number of licenses needed.

*Click here for individual pricing discounts.

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