5 Tips to Enhance Student Engagement

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Teaching in the 21st century is a wild ride, isn’t it? Everything is constantly evolving (which really is just a key part of life), but it feels like it happens SO rapidly in this day and age.

If you’re an educator looking to ignite a spark of curiosity and participation in your classroom, buckle up. This email, this blog post, and this upcoming training are made just for you.

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Something you should know about me is that I have a lot to say. Another thing you should know is that I can’t stand wordy emails. 🤪 So I’m going to keep this one short and let you dive into the details in the blog post I wrote for you.

These 5 high-level strategies are proven to increase student engagement, and I promise they aren’t as cliche as they sound when put into practice.

5 High-Level Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

  1. Creating a Positive Classroom Environment
  2. Incorporating Active Learning Techniques
  3. Leveraging Technology to Enhance Engagement
  4. Personalizing the Learning Experience
  5. Measuring and Adapting Engagement Strategies


I would love to hear about strategies that you have tried in your classroom that keep “kids these days” engaged. Hit reply and let me know!

Cheering you on, friend!

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