Are Your Students Up for the Challenge? Classroom Strategies to Promote Rigor and Engagement

I know you’re tired of trying to always meet the ever-changing demands in education. Big sigh…

I totally get it and your exhaustion!  It feels like every year, there’s one more thing you’re supposed to be doing for your students. 

Our students are changing at a rapid pace. I mean, just think of their cell phone usage alone. No wonder they can’t pay attention in your class!

But what I also know is that in today’s world, our students deserve instruction that engages their curiosities and motivates them to achieve high academic goals.

And I also understand this is just one more darn thing you’re supposed to change to meet the ever-changing needs of our students. (Another Big Sigh….)

Your students are capable of more than they think!  And frankly, you deserve someone or something that makes it easier to reach your students. And frankly, you don’t have the time to seek this stuff out on top of everything else you are responsible for. 

This is why we’ve done the work for you!

The Strobel Education Workshop for Increased Engagement and Rigor gives you the easiest tools to ramp up your lesson plans and get those kids engaged in what they need to learn!

As an experienced K-12 and Higher Education teacher, this workshop includes strategies to promote rigor and engagement that I implemented in my classroom. 

Through lecture and note-taking, the traditional teaching model is not a fulfilling experience for either the teacher or student. By engaging the student through movement, collaboration, and multimodal, your classroom can become a lively environment that supports students’ academic needs. 

Strategies to Promote Engagement in the Classroom:

  • Movement!
  • Brain Breaks
  • Collaboration 
  • Student Ownership of the Learning Process
  • Multimodal Instruction

When we believe in our students, they believe in themselves. 

Promoting rigorous instruction can support student self-efficacy, student mastery, and student curiosities. Our students deserve the opportunity to try hard things, fail, and try again! The process of learning shouldn’t be passive or effortless. Rigor is intentional instruction that aims to expand our students’ academic limits and support their personal academic journey. 

Strategies to Promote Rigor in the Classroom:

  • Set High Academic Expectations
  • High-Level Questioning
  • Academic Discussion
  • Inquiry-Based Instruction Design 

Our Increased Engagement and Rigor workshop gets teachers and students exploring, learning, and succeeding together! There is no perfect formula for instruction, but by implementing these strategies teachers can actively provide students with an active learning experience rather than another class. 

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