Beat Self-doubt & Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

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Do you know that imposter-y feeling that creeps in when something you’ve been wishing, hoping, and praying for finally comes to fruition?

I do, too, friend… and it’s not a fun feeling at all.
A couple of weeks ago, this really big thing that I’ve been envisioning and embodying for Strobel Education happened. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this thing has been in my thoughts and intentions daily for YEARS.

When I found out that this dream came true, I felt like I was almost in a dream-like state. I was simultaneously incredibly excited and a bit scared.

I could barely believe this gigantic opportunity to impact people through Strobel Education was really happening, but it was also uncharted territory for me.

I began to slip into self-doubt, asking myself, “Am I capable or even worthy of all of this?”

While it’s normal for that self-doubt to creep in, there’s a name for it. It’s called IMPOSTER SYNDROME. It’s a psychological phenomenon that reflects a belief that we are inadequate and incompetent despite the evidence that we are skilled and quite successful.

Imposter syndrome feeds the cycle of self-doubt and can prevent us from stepping into more of our bigness. It can keep us from making the next hard move in our lives, achieving our goals, or stepping into more of what we want out of life.

Thankfully, my friend called while I was having all of these scary thoughts and I shared my big news. Her first response was, “Friend, you deserve this.” Then, she listed off all the evidence of why I deserved this and why I was capable of handling the bigness of this dream.

You deserve this note.

We all need a friend like this. A friend who thinks we are a big deal. Someone who supports us and loves us for who were are. That friend who celebrates your wins even when you are low-key freaking out about the reality of your newest challenge. I hope you have one, too.

I wrote myself a sticky note and placed it on my computer to remind myself that I am worthy and deserve the goodness of life.

"You deserve this" written in a notepad.

It’s O.K. to feel our feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy, but we can move through them. Because the truth is that no matter how much of an imposter we feel like, we are worthy of all the goodness we desire.

You are worthy of love, abundance, peace, fulfillment, happiness, and enjoyment. Go and claim it!

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