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My book, Teach Happy: Small Steps to Big Joy, is in the final phases before we put it out into the world, and I just had to write this quick email to let you know how incredibly grateful I am to you.

A few weeks back, I asked you to vote on the cover, and you showed up so well at that request. THANK YOU!

The whole process of creating and birthing a book baby is so interesting because, at the end of the day, it’s not for me. It’s for you! But being the author makes me responsible for making decisions that will shape the impact this book has on you. When I stop to think about it, it blows my mind.

I kept struggling between two of the book covers that I loved, but one was just a tiny bit more appealing to me, but again – the book is not for me. It’s for you. So, I wanted to make sure it spoke to you.

And wouldn’t ya know it, the one that I liked just a little bit better than the close second was the one that got the most votes by a margin of about twenty, including your email responses and my Facebook responses.

Teach Happy Book

Let me tell you, though, that the blue cover was such a close second! Whew! I’m so glad everything aligned so well with both my vision for the book and what most of you liked.

The book will be out in a few weeks, and if you are at all interested, you’ll definitely want to head over to join the book waitlist!

In the meantime, if teaching feels hard for you in this season (or part of the year), shoot me a quick reply to let me know what you’re struggling with. I am working on a few things and want to make sure to support you in the way you need!

I cannot wait to get this into your hands, and to continue supporting you.

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