Happy Summer!

"Happy Summer!" written on a board.

You did it! You’ve made it to [almost] the end of another school year!

If you are already finished, has the freedom really set in yet? If you’re not done yet, how many wake-ups left? (I know you’re counting! 😉)

I would love to hear all about your plans for your summer, so shoot me a quick response, letting me know what you have going on!

  • Any fun vacations planned? Any goals to set up a new routine?
  • Day trips?
  • House projects?
  • What’s going on in your world over the next couple of months?

Over here at Strobel Ed, things amp up in the summer. I’m taking flights, and I’m in a different state almost daily for some weeks. It’s crazy wild, but I love it!

(It's a happy summer) Ready for this? - GIF

But for you, my friend, it’s time to rest. (We will be sending less emails this summer to help you do just that!)

You have given it your all, depleted yourself, and your body, mind, and spirit need you to take a breather. You might call it “self-care,” but in this little corner of the internet, we call it radical wellness.

It’s radical, because, well, it’s fallen to the wayside for way too long, but it’s a key necessary ingredient to refueling yourself and recharging for whatever next fall has in store for you.

Remember, friend: you are a human being. You are not a human doing, and you need a break.

So take it.

Schedule it.

Make it happen.

And enjoy some darn sunshine!

Also if you want to explore what it means to truly rearrange your life in a way that gives you more time, space, ease, and peace, then perhaps Teach Happy: Small Steps to Big Joy is the perfect summer read.

Dave Burgess holding a Teach Happy book.
My friend, Dave Burgess, certainly thinks so.



Cheering you on as you finish out the year!

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