Motivational Speakers For Teachers: How To Find And Get The Most Out Of Professional Development

Motivational speakers for teachers can be an invaluable asset when it comes to professional development.

They are often experts in their field and can provide an engaging, inspirational, and informative talk that can help motivate and inspire educators in the classroom.

This article will discuss the importance of hiring motivational speakers, the benefits of listening to one, and how to find the right one for your school or district.

We will also provide an overview of ten great motivational speakers for teachers and conclude with five ways to get the most out of a teacher-speaker collaboration.

Overview of 10 Great Motivational Speakers for Teachers

Brene Brown is a researcher who studies vulnerability and courage in our lives. She speaks about how we can be more authentic as educators by understanding our own vulnerabilities as well as those of our students.

Kim Strobel is a former teacher and curriculum director turned internationally-known motivational speaker and happiness coach. She shares a powerful message about how teachers can reclaim their happiness, ignite their passion, and lead with purpose.

Angela Duckworth is a psychologist who focuses on grit–the determination it takes to achieve success over time despite obstacles or failure along the way–and shares powerful insights into what makes successful people tick.

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur known for his work on marketing strategies, but he also speaks extensively on leadership topics such as fearlessness when taking risks or making decisions under pressure.

Sir Richard Branson is one of Britain’s most iconic entrepreneurs whose business empire includes Virgin Records & Airlines, amongst other ventures; he shares his unique insights into finding motivation through innovation even when times get tough.

Simon Sinek looks at leadership from different angles, such as trust building between leaders & teams; his message resonates with anyone looking for ways to create positive cultures within their classrooms.

Sheryl Sandberg encourages women worldwide to “lean-in” – make themselves visible – so they have access to equal opportunities regardless of gender. Her talk brings attention to both current inequalities still facing female teachers today plus ways they can overcome them.

Tony Robbins gives practical advice on how to take control of your life by being mindful & intentional actions rather than letting circumstances dictate outcomes–teachers will appreciate this no-nonsense approach.

Arianna Huffington emphasizes the importance of sleep balance and well-being—her perspective helps reenergize educators after long days managing classes exhaustedly!

Lastly, Malala Yousafzai is a Nobel Prize-winning activist who advocates for the education of girls in the Middle East. She has spoken about her fight against oppression and offers an inspiring story of resilience and courage with teachers everywhere.

Why Teachers Need Professional Development

In order for a teacher’s professional growth to be successful, there must be dedicated time allocated for meaningful activities which are tailored toward the individual needs or interests of each educator.

This could mean anything from attending conferences or workshops focusing on teaching strategies, participating in online courses related to educational topics, or writing initiatives about current education issues.

Ultimately these activities allow educators not only to expand upon existing knowledge but also apply new techniques into practice – thus enabling them to create more effective learning environments where students can thrive academically.

The Benefits of Listening to a Professional Speaker

The biggest benefit of listening to a professional speaker is that it can provide teachers with the tools and strategies they need to become more effective in their roles.

These speakers can also help teachers to stay motivated and energized in their work, enabling them to focus on positive outcomes and help the students feel motivated and inspired in the classroom.

Finally, professional speakers can also help to validate the hard work teachers put in and remind them of the importance of their profession and the positive impact they have on the students they teach.

This can help boost morale and provide teachers with the motivation to continue doing their best work!

How to Find the Right Motivational Speaker for Teachers

Once you have found a few potential candidates that fit all these criteria, reach out directly or contact their agency representative for more information about scheduling an engagement with them at your school or district event.

By doing so, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible professional motivational speaker for teachers in order to optimize learning outcomes while inspiring enthusiasm throughout the entire staff!

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Teacher-Speaker Collaboration

First, connect with the speaker before the event and let them know your goals and objectives for this talk. You want them to understand your theme and mission, so they can be successful and reiterate your message and vision.

This will allow them to drive home your goals and speak to the message that is important for your teachers to hear.

Second, let your staff know which topics will be discussed during the presentation so they can come prepared with possible questions or ideas for discussion afterward. Brainstorming these thoughts in advance helps create meaningful dialogue between all parties involved.

Third, once presentations have been completed, facilitate group discussions around key takeaways so that educators can share their own experiences relatedly while learning from one another’s insights too.

Fourth, provide follow-up resources such as reading materials that relate back directly to whatever was discussed during each speaking event.

This allows attendees more time for independent engagement post-meeting, which could potentially lead to additional growth opportunities down the line if followed through properly!

Lastly, (and perhaps most importantly), encourage actionable steps amongst participating educators by providing support when needed – whether that means additional guidance throughout implementation plans/processes.

For example, Kim Strobel’s most popular talk is The Science of Happiness. She offers The Happy Academy, her 8-module happiness social-emotional course and group coaching program that walks educators through creating more ease and happiness in their lives.

You want to get lasting results from a motivational speaker, so having “next steps” and follow-through is even more impactful.


Hiring a motivational speaker is a great way to boost morale, inspire creativity, and help teachers reach their potential.

They can provide engaging, inspiring, and informative talks that can help to motivate and inspire teachers in the classroom.

Any of these top ten speakers are sure to leave your teachers feeling empowered to step back into their classrooms with energy and enthusiasm.

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