I am a teacher, and I always have been.

As a little girl, I remember how much I loved working with children, helping and supporting them. I always felt energized by spending time with them. I then went on to earn my education degree, and taught elementary school for several years and became an administrator. You don’t quite realize what you’re giving up when you become an administrator because you’ll never again have that core group of students that you learn alongside and grow with throughout the year. The role of an administrator is a very noble position, but with it comes a completely different set of skills.

This past year, I took a huge leap of faith and left my curriculum director’s job to begin my full-time consulting business. I love working with teachers, so I feel absolutely called to support educators.

Why do I feel called to work with educators and schools?

Because I feel driven to do more than give teachers a bunch of strategies for how to teach the subject areas. Now more than ever, teachers are struggling with the negativity of politics, its influence on their profession, and the day-to-day job stresses. I feel that this negativity is affecting their lives both professionally and personally. The vision of my company, Strobel Education, is to marry my spiritual practices and beliefs (living a life of meaning, purpose, and joy) with the education profession.

I believe now more than ever teachers need support to find their joy again in this very noble profession of impacting children’s life.

I want to give teachers tools and support to help them lead more fulfilling lives both personally and professionally. After all, educators are our rock star. They are in the classrooms 180 days a year, 7 hours a day, and what they’re doing impacts our children in really profound ways. So, I have begun integrating my happiness practices into my regular PD presentations, and I have found that teachers love it. In fact, so many teachers are now anxiously awaiting the first ever Happiness Retreat that I plan to host next year.

You know, we get tired of the same old hum and drum professional development. The kind that sounds completely scripted, very stiff, and really fake. I’m into authenticity, which means you are getting the real deal. I like to have fun, be a little crazy, and rollout comprehensive educational practices while sharing ideas for how we can live our lives with more vibrancy.

I have found many teachers, just like me, are hungry to learn how to integrate this both into their lives and in their teaching practice. They are begging for help and want to feel good about themselves and their career choice. They want to flourish and find more purpose in their lives. And they really want to find their happiness again, in a profession that has sometimes beaten them down.

At the end of the day, if teachers can leave my training feeling inspired to step back in their classrooms and/or to show up in their own lives, then I know I’ve done my job.

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