Finding The Right Education Keynote Speaker For Your Event

Education keynote speakers can be a valuable asset to any event. They provide insight into educational topics and offer motivating stories that can inspire your attendees.

From inspiring stories of childhoods filled with struggles to how we can reclaim our joy and purpose – education keynote speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to any event.

But with so many different types of speakers out there, it can be challenging to know who the best fit for your particular needs is.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the right speaker for your event and some of the most popular education keynote speakers in the world today.

Benefits of Hiring an Educational Keynote Speaker

Hiring an educational keynote speaker can be beneficial for a variety of reasons.

They are experts in their field and provide valuable insight into how to improve education systems, classrooms, and teaching methods.

They also offer inspiring stories that motivate teachers and administrators to reclaim their power in a profession that can be hard and heartbreaking at times.

Additionally, many speakers are well-versed in topics such as happiness, well-being, and stepping into your greatness. They give educators hope and happiness habits that help them create work-life flow and feel reignited.

Having an educational keynote speaker at your event will help create a memorable experience for attendees – one they’ll carry with them long after the event ends.

Education keynote speakers can be incredibly inspiring for teachers and administrators – they offer fresh perspectives on finding hope and optimism in challenging times while also having the courage to show up to be great.

Additionally, many educational keynote speakers can create energy and connection in a room that leaves educators walking out the door with their heads held high and ready to step back into their classrooms with confidence and courage.

Kim Strobel is a Happiness Coach and an Education Keynote Speaker

Kim Strobel is an internationally-known motivational speaker for educators, school leaders, and organizations. She travels the globe sharing the impact of happiness on teacher well-being and student achievement.

As a former teacher and curriculum director, her goal is to inspire you by providing thought-provoking research, heartwarming stories, and simple action steps that inspire you to take action in your life.

As an education keynote speaker, Kim has spoken around the world about her passion for teaching while helping teachers reclaim their happiness, ignite their passion, and lead with purpose.

Her speeches focus on topics such as The Science of Happiness: Why Positivity Improves Outcomes. She shares eye-opening research and simple, actionable steps for how we can reprogram our brains to become more fulfilled and positive in our personal and professional lives.

By providing her unique perspective on these topics while sharing her own mental health struggle, she gives educators hope and specific happiness tools that help them feel good in all parts of their lives.

Steve Bollar is an Educational Keynote Speaker Working to Improve Climate and Culture

Steve Bollar is an educational leader and master motivator. He works with forward-thinking organizations to generate new ideas, improve climate/culture and maximize leadership skills.

His quick wit, experience, and in-depth knowledge make him one of the premier speakers, trainers, and consultants.

Steve travels around the country, giving inspiring speeches on a variety of topics, including classroom management, social-emotional learning, and inspiring leaders.

He has spent his career as a principal and administrator creating school cultures that make students excited to learn and achieve their goals. He is driven to help schools, associations, and organizations create a better culture and climate through common sense, creativity, and strategic actions.

He also believes developing yourself as a leader is more than reading a few books and implementing a new strategy – you have to strengthen relationships, develop useful systems, inspire your organization to follow you, and communicate effectively at all times.

Dwight Carter is an Education Keynote Speaker and School Leader

Dwight Carter has spoken at conferences and events around the country about how to be great.

He is an award-winning school leader and his purpose is to positively change lives and impact futures.

He believes reflection is at the heart of our practice and encourages principals, teachers, and students to focus on personal skill development to create optimal conditions for learning to take place.

After spending twenty-four years as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal, he became a leadership, effectiveness, and instructional coach, speaker, and presenter nationwide.  His keynotes focus on “What does being great mean to you and why?”

He reflects on his experiences as a student, teacher, coach, and principal. He thinks about his relationships. He thinks about his successes, failures, opportunities, and setbacks. He thinks deeply about his core values and whether his attitude aligns with the beliefs that guide his behavior.

It was no easy task, but in the years since, Dwight’s journey has led to more appreciation, awareness, clarity, and intentionality in his life—and it can do the same for you.

Differentiating Between Motivational Speakers and Educational Speakers

It’s important to differentiate between motivational speakers and educational keynote speakers when looking for the right speaker for your event.

Motivational speeches are usually more energetic than educational talks as they strive for immediate impact.

They focus on conveying an emotional message that encourages individuals or groups of people at the event or conference.

Educational keynote speeches typically offer detailed instructions, strategies, or tools about a specific topic (e.g., classroom management, wellbeing, and social-emotional learning).

The goal is not only for attendees to gain knowledge but also to be able to apply it in real-life scenarios when they leave the event.

How to Choose the Right Education Keynote Speaker for Your Event

When looking for the right education keynote speaker, it’s important to consider your event goals and objectives.

What do you want your attendees to gain from the experience?

Are you looking for someone with a specific expertise or background?

How do you want attendees to feel when they leave?

Answering these questions will help narrow your search and ensure you find the perfect fit for your event.

It’s also important to research each potential speaker before making a final decision.

Read their bio, look at past talks they have given, or even reach out directly. This will give you an idea of how well-versed they are in educational topics as well as their style.


Education keynote speakers are a great asset to any event – they can provide valuable insight into educational topics and offer inspiring stories that motivate teachers and administrators.

From Kim Strobel, a former teacher, curriculum director, and now happiness coach and keynote speaker, to Steve Bollar, a leadership coach, to Dwight Carter, who inspires you to be great.

These three speakers captivate their audience and share contagious enthusiasm with their participants.

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