Professional Development For Educators & Teachers: Benefits & Resources For Virtual Learning

Professional development is essential for any career and the same goes for educators & teachers.

Professional development enables teachers to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in education and learn new strategies and techniques to implement in their classrooms.

It also gives teachers the opportunity to develop their skills, network with peers in their field, gain confidence in their teaching methods and ultimately produce better student outcomes.

With the rise of virtual learning platforms such as Zoom or Google Classroom providing easy access to professional development courses from anywhere around the world – now more than ever before, there are numerous options available for educators looking to further their professional growth.

This article will explore the benefits of professional development for educators & teachers as well as recent trends in this area.

Additionally, popular courses and resources that are currently being used by professionals will also be discussed, along with tips on how best to get started with your own professional development journey.

Benefits of Professional Development for Educators & Teachers

Professional development is a key ingredient for professionally successful individuals, including educators and teachers.

It prepares teachers for changing trends in education, such as educational technology or blended learning models that often require additional training due to their complexity.

It can provide an opportunity for personal growth, leading to better student outcomes and increased job satisfaction among those who participate in these courses and programs.

And it’s a convenient way to learn, considering teachers’ busy schedules. At Strobel Education, we believe courses should be self-paced and results-driven to give you everything you need for easy classroom implementation.

Recent Trends in Professional Development for Educators & Teachers

Professional development for educators and teachers is an ever-evolving trend.

With new technologies such as virtual learning, educational technology, and blended learning models – how professional development courses are being taught has changed drastically over recent years.

With these new developments come both challenges and rewards for educators regarding professional development.

We’ve had great success using virtual platforms that provide an easy method for delivering lessons remotely or online training, which we use extensively.

This ensures that all participants have access to needed resources easily and conveniently, considering the demands of time on teachers and educators.

Furthermore, course capacity may be limited due to teacher demand or other factors, such as the availability of materials or instructors.

Registering early should be considered when looking into available courses so that you won’t miss out on important content necessary for your growth!

Popular Courses and Resources Available

We provide numerous professional development opportunities for educators, including physical/onsite trainings, online courses, and virtual teacher workshops.

For those looking to further their knowledge or hone necessary teaching skills – we offer a variety of courses that can be found in most subject areas.

Some of our most popular professional development courses include:

And many more, all of which can be found here.

Additionally, webinars, podcasts, and other digital events can be great sources of knowledge for those looking to develop their skills further.

We also offer free mini-courses that help you get started with a topic of your choice.

Ultimately, taking advantage of these resources can help keep educators informed about new developments in their field while providing them with valuable skills that will ultimately benefit student outcomes.

Professional Development Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Virtual Platforms and Online Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant shift in the way professional development is delivered to educators and teachers.

With schools and educational institutions being forced to close their doors, virtual platforms and online training have become the primary method for teaching professional development courses.

Online learning platforms such as Zoom, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams are being used to deliver professional development courses to teachers.

These platforms allow educators to interact with each other and the course material in a virtual setting.

Much of our professional development for educators is also taught through virtual conferences and workshops. These events allow educators to network with each other and learn from experts in the field.

Having the opportunity to learn virtually enables many teachers to go through a course at their own pace and within their own time frame. As a result, we have found teachers really appreciate flexibility in their learning.

Also, through our virtual conferences, workshops, and online courses, educators earn certificates for professional growth hours that can be used in many states toward license renewal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity for educators to receive professional development from the comfort of their homes. With so many online resources available, there has never been a more convenient time to learn!

How to Get Started with Professional Development & Training

Professional development for educators and teachers is an important part of any successful career.

When getting started with professional development, the first step is to identify your learning goals and objectives – this will help you narrow down what type of course or program will best meet your needs.

The next step is to research available courses and resources to determine which fits best with your goals.

When researching courses and programs, make sure to read the details carefully so that they align with your intended learning outcomes.

Finally, stay organized by keeping track of deadlines associated with registering for a course or program – doing so will guarantee that you don’t miss out on any opportunity!

Limited Course Capacity: Tips on Registering Early

Professional development courses and programs often have limited capacity due to their high demand. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you take all necessary steps to secure your spot in desired courses or programs.

Several tips can help increase your chances of getting into a course or program when they fill up quickly:

First and foremost, register early!

Many of our professional development courses have limited capacity, so securing your spot as soon as possible is important.

Make sure to read the course details carefully before registering so that you are confident it meets your needs.

Contacting the provider ahead of time may also give you some extra information or clarification on any questions you may have about the course.

Additionally, look for any discounts that may be available when enrolling in a professional development program, as this could help reduce costs significantly.

For example, at Strobel Education, we offer Early Bird Pricing for those who register early for our live/virtual teacher workshops.

Lastly, make sure to adhere to all deadlines and requirements set out by the organization offering the course – failure to do so can result in not being able to participate in certain programs or having your registration canceled altogether.

Following these simple rules will increase your chances of getting into a great professional development program!


Professional development is an important part of any successful career, but it’s especially essential for educators and teachers.

It allows for increased confidence, improved student outcomes, and greater job satisfaction by equipping professionals with the skills needed in today’s ever-changing educational landscape.

Recent trends in this area have seen virtual platforms become more prominent due to the rise of online learning technology.

With numerous courses and resources available – it has never been easier for teachers to further their professional growth from anywhere around the world!

At Strobel Education LLC, we understand the importance of providing quality professional development for educators & teachers.

Our courses are designed by experts in their field to ensure you have access to the most current resources available.

Plus, with every workshop or online course, we provide you with a Digital Resource Bundle that gives you all the activities, anchor charts, mini-lessons, and resources you need to implement immediately. You don’t have to search for everything because it’s right at your fingertips.

We strive to make learning fun and convenient by incorporating interactive exercises and activities into our online platform so you can gain valuable skills from the comfort of your own home.

We would love to work with you as we believe teaching is a noble, sacred profession. What other profession has the opportunity to walk into classrooms 180 days a year and make a difference in the life of a child?

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